OK, let me set this straight



The new board was created for people who didn't like this one. I haven't seen anymore complaints here, people who don't like this board can use the one at www.voy.com/47387. Wendy said we were disrespectful by complaining about this board. Are we not allowed to have opinions, after being on the old board for years now? One thing is for sure, we haven't posted rude and offensive msgs here that obviously people who are angry we started a new board have started. Sure, we complained, but we didn't make perverted threats or hurl names at Mark or Wendy.
I didn't create the new board for hate and animosity - I wanted a place that the older board users were comfortable with, that is all.
If our complaints offended or annoyed anyone, I think I can speak for any one of us when i say that it's called HAVING an OPINION, isn't that what the boards are for? If eveyone liked the same thing, the world would be quite a boring place.
not wendy, not nevermore.

so they can all stick their 'disrespect' .