Ok... This to my American friends...


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Apr 17, 2001
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Just read stormies thread and WTF...???:lol: :confused: :loco: Nah just kiddin stormie....

Anyways while im here...someone wannna explain to me the rules for your bloody gridiron game..>???? :err:

I mean...i know the basics like touchdowns, incomplete passes etc..... and the general stuff with it.....

But wanna tell me how 1st downs and all the rest goes...??? AND IM DEADLY SERIOUS HERE TOO.....:lol: We only mainly get to see it in your american movies... oh and superbowl....!!

Also...you guys seen much of our aussie rules football...??? now THERES a cool game.... ( crossy'll back me up ere.... ;) )

So ahhh..... y'all come back now y'ear ....:lol: :) :loco: heheheheh
For each set of 4 downs you have to at least complete 10 yerds.

YOu have 4 tries (downs) to get past 10 years to get another 4 tries and on down the field you go.

So when they say 1st and 10 they mean

1st down 10 yards to go

2nd and 6

2nd down 6 yards to go .................to get to 10 which gives you another set of 4 tries.

Im hopeless at explaining stuff, but if you understand that,,,thats what it means

i was just asking if anyone knows were i can buy cds of the swedish rockabilly band HARD 69 which i saw this summer in malmö!
as i lived 2 years in sweden i can speak the language a little :D

oh and aussie football is cool! i once saw it on tv in ireland :S :lol:
I.... am a fan of the sports.....


Can't help it.....

And I can actually open my mouth this weekend casue we had a by,,,,,

I have to add that there are some unwritten rules that are so important to our game.

1. If you make a first down you must gesture to everyone how great you are, and flail about wildly during the down time while the refs move the chains.

2. If the refs don't see it, it isn't a penalty.

3. If a flag is thrown, you must immediately begin pointing at the nearest member of the opposing team.

4. If you make a touchdown, you must dance about as if standing barefoot on a bed of red hot tacks.

5. It's ok to look at the cheerleaders as long as you wife/girlfriend doesn't see you.
The pointing at the penalty flag had me rolling tho!


So can I ask YOU all a question?

What are ya suposed to be typing about in this forum. I dont wanna go to far astray. You know how I can be

Hi Kel,

Well, we mostly communicate about our various recordings here, but we also umm... go astray too. :err:

We're usually a little busier, but right now a bit slow as far as recordings go. Mostly finishing up some songs that were left undone for awhile.

If you want to see the partially finished website, click on the www link button in my post. It's not really done, and it doesn't have the songs yet, but it'll give you an idea of what we're up to. I'm in the middle of redesigning the site and moving it to a less anal host (our current host did away with all music formats!), so sorry, no tunes on the site yet though the list of songs we've done is on there already. Soon, the site will be on a new host and also include all of our recordings to date in Windows Media format.

You might remember a year and a half ago (or so) I had been writing my "Bass-a-Thon" threads on the Maiden BB? Well, the whole thing kinda started there and now we've done a bunch of tunes with more to come! :heh:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok I see :):)

That is a fun time to get peeps together to record diff bits and then witht he software out today put it all together.
Great well Im axious to hear stuff :)