Old Swanö recordings now available through Swanö Merch on Bandcamp


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Sep 24, 2003
Ohio - USA
Swanö Merch has expanded in to music releasing territory! Old Swanö recordings have been remastered and given proper digital releases over on Bandcamp. First to be released are recordings by Ulan Bator, Stygg Död, O ( :the circle ) as well as some compilations that include remastered recordings of Merry My Tiger, Route Nine, Darkcide & more.



A great post about how Dan acquired the equipment to get these records a proper digital release over on the Unisound Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/unisoundmixandmastering/posts/2229231627192753

Swanö Merch
May 8 at 8:27 AM ·
Yeah!! Swanö Merch have expanded into the world of releasing music! https://swanomerch.bandcamp.com

The first batch of releases have just been made public
and even though I know a lot of you are "in it for the metal"
(For you there's the "The Metal Stuff Part I & II incl. Mortify/RouteNine/Incision/Anathema/Darkcide/Malfaithor)

I can recommend that you check out all the other stuff I have been involved in. There's a bunch of compilations with stuff like melodic punk with Ulan Bator, Outcome, Smygehuk & The Janglers and K-Ulan.

You've got shoegaze worship from Merry My Tiger, Erland and Morion.Excellent indie rock from O :)the circle) (Lots more to come from this band in the coming weeks, just gotta sort out some "rights stuff" because of covers versions and stuff)

A bit more on the hardcore side with The Pedestrians.

And of course, there's the weird stuff like Stygg Död and Arg Varg

Our hopes for this label, is to one day be able to sell all my albums as CD quality downloads, but until the rights for Edge of Sanity/Nightingale/Moontower etc. have been cleared up, you have to stick to the more obscure but still awesome side of my discography.

It was an insane amount of work involved in this operation. Special equipment was bought only to fix the 4 track and stereo cassette transfers, one reel-to-reel machine will be delivered in person (Thanks Gary!) later this month for some more releases to be unearthed (or re-released) after almost 30 years in hibernation!

I hope that you respect the wish to not upload the things you buy on Bandcamp on YouTube (I can use the time it takes to have them removed with restoring other cool stuff!!)


Original post found on Swanö Merch Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/swanomerch/posts/2369855169912634