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Ok, this is about the little weird movie ideas we've been discussing in the "Opeth idea"-thread. First of all - how many people would be interested in taking the time do do this thing?

(if you don't know what I'm babbling about.. well... doing some sort of movie based on an Opeth album. You know, who is going to do it if we don't? Or maybe if a whole album is to much to begin with, just a couple of songs.)

We do not only need people with video cams. People putting together some sort of basic script would also be good. And opinoins fellow message boarders - opinoins! What sould it be like? Just beautiful clips with some subtle things taking place? Or maybe a more strict plot?

I'm not taking on a leading position here... just trying to get some feedback. If not too many people are interested.. well.. then we have nothing...


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May 1, 2001
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Okay, here's a quick link to the other thread we're talking about.

What I'm basically envisioning is an album-long music video, probably for Still Life. We could have only the album as the soundtrack, or turn the volume on the music down at times and perhaps throw in some dialogue, which we'd have to write/adapt.

HERE'S AN IDEA: We could break it down between 7 of us, perhaps, i.e. one per song. They'd each be responsible for shooting the footage or organizing with others on the forum who are interested in shooting footage, then gathering and editing that footage to the song. Then, they'd all be sent to one place to be collected together in one singular piece of video, complete with credits and the like, maybe even an outtakes reel and some filmed comments from bandmembers would be sweet... okay, that might be going too far (or maybe not, who knows?!). Just an idea, though - I'm sure somebody can come up with a better one. Whaddayathink?!


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May 2, 2001
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there's some great graveyards in the hills here, but maybe Japanese graves are a little inconspicuous.
I go hiking all the time, so find some pretty good vistas. Not having a camera in my possession is a bit of a problem, though. Maybe I can help with the script?????
sounds like a fuckin killer idea

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May 21, 2001
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Hey, sounds like an interesting idea. I am going to be working on some new video projects this summer (that's what I've been doing in university, creating Movies and videos), and I'd love to get in on this. I'd have no problem contributing a vid for a song, or doing up the finished product either, as I will have the equipment to do it within a month.


May 25, 2001
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I don't know much about filming and I don't have a camera, but I am an Opeth fan and I could probably borrow a camera... So maybe I could contribute with something that isn't too difficult :)