[Orchestral Blackened Death Metal] Need review on a vocal mix & master


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Mar 19, 2016
Hello everyone!

I mixed a band that released their first album on July 2020, it's instrumental because the former singers left the band on the way.

We recorded some guest vocals FOR one song that we may release soon. I need reviews before doing it§
The only things i can modify at this point is the mix of the vocals and the master, not the instrumental mix because it was already released, even if it's not pro quality (I did the recording, mix and master, I'm still a beginner)

-Can you tell me what i can improve on the vocals? Is there enought compression? clarity?
I'm not totally satisfied with the heavily proccessed effect at 3:08, i'm struggling to get better results on the first "talked" sentences
-What do you think i can improve on the master?

Here is the actual mix:

If you're interested in the band you can discover the first album here:

Thank you everyone!