Place to buy swano CDs??


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Jan 9, 2002
Southern California
I need help folks...i have Swanos edge of sanity stuff, nightingale, moontower, bloodbath, and stuff he did on diabolical masquerade and such..but i need a place that has the following for sale:

Pan thy monium
and anything else i missed

please help me people, i want these badly
I got my copy of Odyssey from Century Media for $9 or something like that.

I got Godsend's Wayfarer's Tears from Relapse... I don't remember where I got the other two Godsend albums.. I think I bought them both on eBay.

Pan-Thy... Hmm.. Relapse has some.. I got most of my Pan-Thy from some guy in Sweden, but now that the reissue thing is out, I'd definitely recommend The End Records.

Unicorn's a tough find, but, as JimLOTFP said, Laser's Edge..
If you call Century Media's 1-800 phone number, that shaves a good week off of the time it takes to receive your order.. I get stuff within 1 week when I order by phone.