Please post live photos!


living, breathing
Apr 29, 2001
Solitary Refinement
so it's not loaded stadiums or ballparks
and we're not kids on swingsets on the blacktop
and i thought at fifteen that i'd have it down by sixteen
and twenty-four keeps breathing in my face
like a mad whore
and twenty-four keeps pounding at my door
like a friend you don't want to see
oldness comes with a smile
to every love given child
oldness comes to rile
the youth who dream suicide
:p Hey Jesse, hey everyone! Yeh it's cool seeing the live photos that are being put up and around.. and I'm with you..we want MORE!!!! :D I've actually taken a ton of pics but I haven't scanned the first one yet... might as well wait til the end and see which are the best I guess.
As far as the song Blackwater Park, I don't think they're gonna play it, well you never know I guess..but I asked about it cause I heard they were gonna play it. I don't think they had much of a chance to practice it, and as you know, the drums in that track are intense :eek: and that might be a pretty tough track to play live I guess. I'll ask again, of course. :D I'll see some shows next week.
As far as a longer set since they hooked up with Nevermore, that's a big fat no. It was supposed to be the same length but I think they're getting cut short a few times, in St. Louis they got cut 2 song which blew...because they were just about to go into Demon of the Fall and they had to stop. Man that was a bummer for everyone. Then later that night, Monstrosity gets an encore for the less than 20 people watching..go figure.

Actually Opeth did not play "Blackwater Park" at the Swedish gig in Borås. They played "White Cluster", "Forest of October", "The Drapery Falls", "Credence", "Advent", and "Demon of the Fall", which is basically the tour set from what I hear.

Ahh, wanna see them again, a truly awesome band.
yeh, pomfitz verifys what I thought I had read ...that they didn't play BP at the Sweden gig..I thought I'd read the tracklist on the site somewhere and it was what they're playing here mostly except Leper Affinity I think. Well, hopefully you'll get to hear LA and Credence as that seem to be the tracks they're alternating now. Credence is amazing live!!
Jesse, I won't be at either the gigs you mention. It's too bad, I would have like those + atlanta but it didn't work out even though I'm seeing a lot of gigs I had some work stuff, and I had to plan around those days. Maybe you can make it up here for Jaxx?? I'll be half-dead that day,ha hahh but I'll be there!:D
of course I'm begging for Godhead's Lament too:D ... it was amazing when I heard it in Holland, but I don't know if I'll get my wish. Either way, it's amazing watching them perform ANY song!!!
speaking of Katatonia...
I finally got the Jivh vinyl!!!!:eek: I couldn't believe my eyes - I almost gave up on getting it!! (slowpokies, heheh) :p
It looks totally cool but I haven't listened to it yet caue I've been too sick :cry: and soon I'll be out the door for NY so I'll save it. But I'm totally loving the new Kata cd in the meantime.. it's killer!!