Promo CDs

Bidding on a bunch of them, never seen the BHAH one, what is it? Is it an actual promo send to radio stations, or was it distributed in some other form.


Also, if anyone here bought the Burning Earth or BHAH one from that seller, make me an offer if you'll sell it to me... Serves me right for not putting a higher bid on this shit.
Oh, turns out I don't know how to use eBay. I got the BHAH one too, it turns out, just not BE. Still, my question was, is it actually a promo as sent to radio, or was it something else? There is no identification on the CD of it being a promo, unlike the other promos.
I have a bunch of Firewind promo CD's for sale including the one you lost in the auction. I have the entire discographies promos...several different ones as well like 3 different Allegiance promos. Hit me up at metaldrumz8 AT gmail DOT com if interested.