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Oct 16, 2003
Stockholm, Sweden
Oh man. This year, my 2nd favorite Power Quest album, the mighty Neverworld, turns legal drinking age (in some US states). How time flies! I remember getting this and loving the shit out of it (still do!), clowning around trying to hit those ridiculously high notes in "Temple of Fire", much to the annoyance of my then gf. I recall lavishing the album with praise in a review I've long since misplaced. A sign of the times. I mean, back in 2003, the resurgence of melodic power metal was still in full swing, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt like (then) up-and-coming bands like Power Quest led the way, and with the invitation to go beyond the blue horizon, across the mountains and before the setting sun, they were setting the standards for a new age.

Man, I miss those times. And I miss this place.

I was 22 when this album was unleashed upon the world. I'm 43 now. That's almost a lifetime. I'd like to imagine I've matured since then, that I've grown and that I've learned. That I've become humble. More forgiving? Loving those who deserve it, trying to ignore the rest. I know that part of that process took place here, with you guys, and with the music. I'm grateful for that.

I am not a hero just an ordinary man
With the will to survive to be free and alive
Come and stand besides us, see the wonder of it all
In the light of the sun, in the shade of the moon

Thank you for standing beside me in the light of the sun, in the shade of the moon. Steve and all the guys involved in the band over the years. All of the regulars here. Everyone who still blasts this kind of music wherever they are, whatever hardships life may bring. United we are.

By the way, I still try to hit those notes once in a while ...

Forever the Quest must go on!

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Of course man - March 2004 for the European release. I know what you mean - I'll turn 53 in October, how the hell did that happen? Great to read your thoughts and thank YOU for standing with us for all these years my friend. It was pleasure to meet you in person back in 2005 as well. Hope all is good in your world mate!
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Thanks, Steve. I hope you and your family are doing well, and that you haven't given up on music completely. I am mostly ok except for the fact that I'm currently unemployed and looking for a job. Hopefully that will sort itself soon.

Our meeting back in 2005 is a cherished memory. I felt very privileged getting to hang out with you guys. You're the only Welshman I've met, but you were a really good ambassador for the country.

Anyhow, would be cool if people found their way back here, although things probably wouldn't be as active as back then. Time will tell, I guess.
Yeah I miss the days when forums like this one were active and full of discussion and banter. Personally I can't be doing with social media. I've not been on FB for 4 years for example. At 52, checking my phone every 10 seconds just isn't for me haha!

Sorry to hear about the employment situation - I hope that gets resolved asap for you mate.

Always proud of my heritage - and to be a good ambassador is great to hear. Last time I was in Sweden was 2017 when I visited Gothenburg - definitely one of my favourite countries to have visited down the years.

Oh no man - not given up on music completely. I've been doing some very different stuff in 2024 - tbh I've been in a bit of strange place since COVID and the death of Paul Finnie in 2019. It's only really this year that I feel like I'm getting back to my old self, or maybe discovering a different side to myself.
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I never got to see you guys live, but Paul's death resonated with me nonetheless. So young. I hope his family and friends had the necessary support.

Good to hear you've given up on social media. I'm thinking of doing the same. I haven't been on Facebook since 2014, and I quit Twitter on New Year's. Everybody's entitled to their view, but why do we have to be so aggressive and hostile about it?

If you ever decide to come back to Sweden, let me know. I don't know much about Wales, but I'd like to go there. And Welsh as a language fascinates me. I like The Manics, and they're Welsh, so that's cool. There are so many good bands, and not all of them are metal, but metallers to me seem to be much more knowledgeable and interested in non-metal music in general. Open minds and open hearts.

Blasting Keeper of the Seven Keys pt. II as we speak. Some things are timeless.
Almost 5 years mate, and I think it's only recently that I've come to terms with this. I've attached a pic of where he rests at the foot of the Campsie Hills, north of Glasgow, Scotland.

Well it will be 20 years next year since we met dude - maybe we should have a reunion? :)


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That's a fine headstone. I take it he was fond of the area?

We should definitely do a reunion should the opportunity arise. There were other good people here as I recall, maybe one of them will find their way here?
Yeah, he was born in that neck of the woods but spend a lot of his childhood down in the south of England. He moved back to Scotland in the 2000's and he wanted his daughter to be born in Scotland and to grow up there. Latterly he lived with his partner and daughter in Kirkintilloch. What a great guy he was and I as proud to call him a friend for best part of 25 years.

Wouldn't it be nice to see some of the old guard here? Some wonderful folk contributed to some good discussions here down the years.


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Indeed mate - I suspect there are a few old friends still lurking around these boards. I much prefer the forum vibe to social media and all that jazz.

It would be interesting to see how the likes of Dream Thief, Tonberry, Ayeka, WeekendWarrior, Samurai Sweetie, 1928 and so on are doing these days. if anyone happens to read these words - I hope you are all well and happy :)
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