Robert Johnson


Prince of Peace
Jul 19, 2001
I was just listening to the complete recordings of
Robert Johnson. The song Last Fair DealGone Down
is a quick blues tune. Do you think Katatonia drew
inspiration from this or do you think they sold
their souls to the Devil?

you should definately get some robert johnson. i knew the link between LFDGD's title and his song; however i wasnt compelled to buy his cd until i was putting out the shipment at work and found a 29 track robert johnson cd staring up at me with a convenient price tag of $7.99.
your in TN with me right? i bet you could find the same cd at the same price! try a camelot, disc jockey, or another music store owned by transworld and theyll probably have it. its got pentegrams and little devils in the spine of the case which is hilarious....blah blah blah......
anyways its some great stuff. someone asked the other day if i could go back and see any band/performer (that is no longer together or playing) in concert who would it be- my answer to that question was robert johnson.
cool Evisceratrix thanks for the info.....yes i am in TN. e mail me if there are any cool shows going on around here, im going see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Atlanta on Oct. 8.
untill then,