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Mar 21, 2007
How to read the list:

(country of origin) Release Title; label (format)

Digipaks and digisleeves are described, if no additional description with CD, then = jewel case.

BEYOND (Hungary) Thrash; Nail (CD)
BEYOND BLACK VOID (Belgium) Desolate; Marche Funebre (CD with slipcase)
BLOOD DUSTER (Australia) Fisting the Dead; Relapse (CD)
BODIES IN THE GEARS OF THE APPARATUS (USA) Simian Hybrid Prototype; The Spew (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Nefandus Numine; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Opus 4; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Pantheon of Abominations; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOKRUG (Argentina) Tenebrous Divinities; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
BOLT THROWER (UK) Realm of Chaos; Earache (CD - digipak)
BRAINDEAD (Czechia) Left & Right; Maximed (CD)
CADAVERIC POSSESSION (Poland) / AGGRESSIVE MUTILATOR (Sweden) Influx of Hatred; Mythrone Promotion (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) A Basket of Vaginal Maggots (Unreleased Collection of Purulent Stuff); Endwar (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) Beast from Zhytomyr; Goressimo (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) Hideous Human Vintage; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
CANNIBE (Italy) The Mind is Collapsed; Goressimo (CD)
CARNOPRAXIS (Argentina) Obsessive Human Depravity; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
CHRIST AGONY (Poland) Elysium; Xul Production (CD)
COCK AND BALL TORTURE (Germany) Cocktales; Rotten Roll Rex (MCD)
CODE RED (Japan) Fang of the Sun; Thrashing Cult (CD)
COMA (Italy) Disorder; Punishment 18 (CD)
CRIMSON DAWN (Italy) In Strange Aeons...; My Graveyard (CD)
CRIMSON DAWN (Italy) Inverno; Punishment 18 (CD)
DAY OF DOOM (USA) The Gates of Hell; Lavadome (CD)
DEATHCRUSH (Italy) Hell; The Spew (CD)
DEATHSTORM (Austria) Blood Beneath the Crypts; High Roller (CD)
DEIVOS (Poland) Theodicy; Selfmadegod (CD)
DIAMOND LIL (UK) Diamond Lil; High Roller (CD)
DISGUSTED GEIST (USA) Reign of Enthrallment; Patholigcally Explicit Recordings (CD)
DIVIDE (Germany) From Seed to Dust; not on label (CD)
DIVIDE (Germany) Fornicate Within Fire; not on label (CD - cardboard sleeve)
DOMAIN (Poland) Gat Etemmi; Old Temple (CD)
DOMAIN (Poland) Pandemonium; Old Temple (CD)
DOOMSTER REICH (Poland) How High Fly the Vultures; Old Temple (CD)
DYSTROPHY (USA) Wretched Host; Selfmadegod (CD)
EMPHERIS (Poland) The Return of Derelic Gods; Old Temple (CD)
EMPHERIS (Poland) / DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Impure Spirits of Destruction; Old Temple (CD)
ENCOFFINATION (USA) III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs); Selfmadegod (CD)
EPOCH (Belgium) Sacrosanct; Lavadome (CD)
EVIL FORCE (Paraguay) Banging on the Pentagram; Witches Brew (CD)
FETOR (Poland) No Poems Just Slam (Live at Grind'em All Fest); Mythrone Promotion (CD)
FOKEN ROTTEN NOISE (Chile) The Finest Shit; Thanatology (MCD)
FORGED IN BLOOD (Italy) Forged in Blood; Punishment 18 (CD)
FORTRESS (Poland) Modern Days Society; Thrashing Madness (CD)
GRAND MAGUS (Sweden) Wolf's Return; Rise Above (CD)
GRAND SERMON (Germany) Massive Domain; MDD (CD)
GRAVE DIGGER (Germany) Liberty or Death; Locomotive (CD)
GRAVES OF VALOR (USA) Salarian Gate; Relapse (CD)
GRIVF (Denmark) Draugsrunor; Metal Serpent of Salvation (CD)
GRUESOME MALADY (India) Scumbustion; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GRUESOME STUFF RELISH (Spain) / CHOKED BY OWN VOMITS (Czechia) The Dead Shall Rise; Bizarre Leprous (CD)
GUTTER SLUT (Czechia) Just Murdered; Pařat Magazine (CD)
H-GEORGE (Italy) Slave of Society; Buil2Kill (CD)
HAMMERED (Italy) The Beginning; Punishment 18 (CD)
HANDS OF ORLAC (Italy) / THE WANDERING MIDGET (Finland) Hands of Orlac / The Wandering Midget; Cruz Del Sur (CD)
HATRED (Italy) The Bleeding Architecture; Crash & Burn (CD)
HEAVING EARTH (Czechia) Diabolic Prophecies; Eclectic (CD)
HELLIAS (Poland) Eight Cardnal Sins; Thrashing Madness (CD)
HELLSPAWN (Poland) There Has Never Been a Son of Me; Old Temple (CD)
HEXX (USA) Wrath of the Reaper; High Roller (CD)
HIDDEN (USA) Spectral Magnitude; Red Stream (CD)
HISTOS (Czechia) Příčina Smrti: Neznámá!; Defense (CD)
HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH (Australia) Heaven Bled; High Roller (CD)
HOLY TIDE (Brazil) Aquila; My Kingdom Music (CD)
HYPONIC (China) The Noise of Time; Areadeath Productions (CD)
IMMACULATE (Sweden) Thrash, Kill 'n' Deströy; Witches Brew (CD)
INFECTOR (Cuba) Let the Infection Begin; Defense (CD)
INFERNO (Spain) Basado en hechos reales; Necromance (CD)
ISCARIOTA (Poland) Legenda; Defense (CD)
KILLIN' KIND (Italy) Metal Rage; Old Ones (CD)
MASTER (USA) An Epiphany of Hate; F.D.A (CD)
MASTIC SCUM (Austria) C T R L; Massacre (CD)
MORGUE (Argentina) Anatomia patologica; Grinder Cirujano (CD)
MORGUE MEAT (USA) Mutilation in the Chapel; Morbid Generation (CD)
MOZERGUSH (Ukraine) Fairytale Alcotrips; A5 Production (CD in a DVD box)
PIKODEATH (Czechia) Insane; Defense (CD)
PSYCHONEUROSIS (Poland) Dead, but... Still Alive - 93-00 Discography; Defense (CD)
PUKELIZATIION (Japan) Storm of Resurrection; Obliteration (CD)
PULMONARY FIBROSIS (France) Organ Maggots; Eclectic (CD)
PULMONARY FIBROSIS (France) / MAGISTRAL FLATULENCES (France) / L.A.R.D.O.N. (France) Pulmonary Fibrosis / Magistral Flatulences / L.A.R.D.O.N.; Inhuman Homicide (CD)
R.O.D. (Poland) #SocietyKill; Defense (CD)
REACTORY (Germany) Heavy; F.D.A (CD)
RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER (Germany) Blast into Oblivion; Final Gate (CD)
SPARAGMOS (Poland) Invitation from Host of Wrath / Mortal Organic Remains; Selfmadegod (CD)
STORM BREEDER (Australia) The Knave; Paragon (CD)
TERROR CÓSMICO (Mexico) Muerte y transfiguración; Concreto (CD)
V.A.R. (Czechia) Level 6; Pařat Magazine (CD)
VILLAINS (USA) Lifecode of Decadence; Nuclear War Now! (CD)
WISHMASTER (Poland) Postmortem Tales (Temple of Void); Damned Pages (CD)
ZARIN (Belarus) When the Time Goeth Mad; Metal Age (CD)

All items new (apart of max very few, which are used), a lot of them shrink wrapped (sealed).

You can check the prices on my Discogs profile (all stuff apart of t-shirts):

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