See the STOLEN Home Video of Britney caught drunk BLOWING 2 Guys at once!


Apr 17, 2001
Istanbul, TURKEY
Heh, don't get too excited :D
I keep getting this message from Uin #12071030 whenever I turn on Icq.
It's just that I wondered how can anyone be CAUGHT blowing 2 guys AT ONCE in a HOME VIDEO which was somehow STOLEN!
I further wondered how this 12071030 understood I'm such a hopeless pervert :heh: :p
I get messages like that on a daily basis. "Here's a teen amateur gallery I know you are interested in". Yeah, right I love 30 year olds with pony tails and schoolgirl outfits :D
Originally posted by Eclipse
this remembers me to some freak that posted a complete book on visiting porn sites on the maiden bb. Once upon a time...:tickled:

Hehee, and I remember two drooling idiots who kept chanting and asking for more :D

Ivi, my total ICQ time is 10 minutes per month :cry:
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Maybe they mean blowing air with her mouth (like blowing out candles) :lol: I thought it was rather strange that Pamela Anderson kept claiming her home video was stolen. Like someone would break into her house and just steal that video. Whatever. She probably made a fortune off it.

that video has a great storyline... mmm it good to be a pervert... healthy too
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I get even much more sicker things.. this one?

Let my wife show you what she does while Im at work...

She likes to be titty fucked on the kitchen table, or to give you head while she's baking cookies.

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(copy of the latest message I got from my faithful friend