Serenity Painted Death


Jun 13, 2001
How does SPD end on YOUR copies of Still Life? Mine cuts off in the middle of the a riff - it's clearly the end of the song, but it just stops, and it's always jarred me. Like on a mix tape when you cut a song off, it's how you remember the song. Very unnerving. Do I have a bunk CD, or are they all like that??

If so.. WHY?!? *mourn*

yeah, it's supposed to be like that, mikael said on interviews that they just had too many songs ending with a fade out.

say, is my "...And Justice For All" damaged? To Live Is To Die is cute in the end!!! :)
Heh, suppose so. You CAN just end it on a note.. Beknighted ends really nicely. But call me old-fashioned, I guess. After over an hour of deep, rich music, another fade out wouldn't bother me
I understand the cut-off reasoning perfectly. Fade-out can be a good option for some tracks, but mostly when I hear a fade-out I think 'someone didn't bother to finish this song properly'. And fade-outs are a lot harder to play live. Proper endings do so much for a song.

The Drapery Falls: Typical fade-out.
Blackwater Park: This is a 'good' fade-out: last track on the disk and fairly easy to stage live.
The Leper affinity & Bleak: My favorite kind of endings.
I like to think that White Cluster is supposed to start right as Serenity Painted Death ends, and scare the shit out of you after the calm ending of Serenity. I just rationlize it by telling myself it's another mastering error, like the one found on Orchid (although not nearly as big!)

Then again, I interpret everything in the way that I want it to be :)