Seymour Duncan Blackouts vs Nazgul/Sentient (video test)


Apr 27, 2010
Sevilla, Spain
Hi, friends.

I just tested a pair of Blackouts vs the Nazgul/Sentient combo (I wish I had them in the same guitar, but it´s the best I could do)

I hope you like the results (I kept it simple, just to show their sound) and in the end you can listen only to the mono guitars without any instrument or post-processing.

Oh, and sorry if I made some mistakes with the chroma, it was my first time, hahaha.

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Sorry if I missed it, but what did you use for the signal chain? I wished I like the nazgul when I had it in my km7. It sounds great for everyone else, but it just felt like a weird high output single coil under gain.
The signal chain was: KM7->Axe FX II->Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, recorded using Cubase 8 and Superior Drummer from drums (bass is real, with the same signal chain using my MTD Knigston Heir 5)

I like the Nazgul in general, but sometimes I feel it has a strange mid boost. Besides that, it´s very clear and articulate and it´s a nice pickup, though I´m not sure if I liked the Blackouts a little bit more...