SW concert in Alingsås (Sweden) - September 6th. 2014


Sep 17, 2010
Sooo, the guys have shared a link to a Seventh Wonder concert announcement yesterday (not on the official fb page yet):


Looks like this is the warm-up show for Atlanta, that I have waited so much for! :loco:

I'm just wondering now - will it be the only one? Will there be more? Maybe on the same weekend? I probably will be able to afford a trip to Sweden, but just one and I really hope I can figure out soon if I will go that weekend or if there are other weekends. Prices for the flights are already going up...

Looks like I'll be in Denmark when the concert is, so I thereotically would be to go but I don't know yet if I can afford the trip to Alingsås. I'll know in August if I can make it or not. The wait is going to kill me, really, because I soo want go and I hate that uncertainty so much I don't even find the right word to express it. I really hate this money thing...
Yeah, I hope so. Seeing SW live would be like a dream coming true for me.

Good idea! Though traveling by buswould take longer than by train, which I already checked out and that would take like 10 hours or so. But if it's cheaper, why not? I just have a very limited budget and that makes things difficult to organize..
Since I live near Stuttgart, I decided to book a plane ticket. I did check train and bus - both were cheaper, but it would simply have taken too long. Since you said you are in Denmark during that time, it sounds more do-able. And it's totally worth a 10 hour travel. :D
It's already been over a week, but I want to leave a little comment about the show in Alingsås! :) I am so glad I made the trip to Sweden, the concert was simply wonderful! Support band was Structural Order and I think they did a very good job, enjoyed their set. Using an accordion in a prog band is quite cool I must say.

The club was pretty small, but sold out and the audience was really good - loved the singalongs! Seventh Wonder had a few technical issues in the beginning, but I got to say, no one really cared - It was so great to see them live on stage. While we all know they don't play live that often, when they are on stage, it never feels that way. The chemistry between all of them, the fun they have, the sheer talent that comes together - it makes my heart jump with joy every time. :D

The setlist was very unique this time and I'm sure absolutely one of a kind. Since it was a warm-up show for the DVD shoot, the setlist concentrated mostly on Mercy Falls and on songs they hadn't played so far or not in a long time. I never would imagined to witness a concert without Alley Cat or Tears For A Father for example.

Inner Enemy
Banish the Wicked
Fall in Line
Break the Silence
Hide and Seek
Destiny Calls
Taint the Sky
The Edge of My Blade

King of Whitewater

I got tears in my eyes out of sheer happiness to hear Fall in Line, Break the Silence and Destiny Calls. :D I would have LOVED to also hear Paradise, but who I am to complain? ;) And King Of Whitewater came very much out of the blue. Which was such a perfect ending. I had wanted to see this one played live since years and finally it happened! My favorite song on TGE.

After the show the guys hang around in the club and everyone got a chance to chat with them, take pictures and all the stuff. It was really great seeing everyone! I even met two other guys coming from Germany so that was extra cool. Sadly they didn't have any of the new merch with them, but I hadn't expected it to tell the truth. Would be great if that changes next time. Sure I can order online, but buying merch at concerts is always that extra bit special. :) I really hope there will be more live dates next year, so I can go again once or twice. ;)