The best clip of a metal band in 3D ever


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Sep 17, 2020
Hey guys! I'm going to make a video in 3D style for a metal band now.
Have you seen cool metal band clips using 3D or motion graphics somewhere?

Share the clips you hooked on. I will be grateful.

Motion design is when like this:

or like this:

P.S. tomatoes please do not throw and dirty socks too. I am newcomer, wandered into the forum in search of hope on connoisseurs and old-timers.
I've seen 3D camera footage of a band playing live (in the studio in that instance) which I'm sure quite a few bands have tried by now.

I can't think of any existing music videos as examples (well, funny there was this fan-made coincidence posted today), but moving through a video game environment might make an interesting video, like a 3D maze in Minecraft for example.
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