The Best of Bruce Dickinson

I've put it on my Christmas list, along with Operation LiveCrime and Black Sabbath live in 75. Would have bought it already, but I've got the new Alice Cooper, the KISS box set and a November record fair to finance :rolleyes: .

There's also the little matter of a business transaction with our very own Spiff, which will help me a great deal and provide a drop in the ocean for the costs of his trip.

Always happy to help :).

Just some news I picked up about the album at :

Taking a long break from all things Maiden, Bruce Dickinson has put the final touches on The Best Of Bruce Dickinson, which for initial pressings, will include a second CD of rarities.
Bruce reflects on the well-regarded solo canon so far, specifically the extra satisfactions he can glean from this process versus work with Maiden. "I think the ability to exercise doubt, right? Because there tends to be a certainty in Maiden, which is a product of personalities within the band. There does tend to be a certainty within Maiden, and part of it is the confidence as well, that Maiden fans are Maiden fans through and through and in general will buy more or less everything that the band puts out, as long as they've done it sincerely. So this breeds a certain sense of self-confidence that no matter what you do, it's going to be right. With my solo stuff, I have no such confidence at all. You feel that there is sort of no safety net underneath you. If you're trying to do something that is different, it can either be slightly worrying or very exhilarating. Your choice. That's one of the main differences."
Besides offering 13 odds 'n' sods (including the infamous 'I'm In A Band With An Italian Drummer'), the album includes two brand new tracks, 'Silver Wings' and 'Broken' being attached to CD1. Bruce offers this comment on 'Silver Wings'. "Roy Z and I were playing around with old demos, and I had heard this backing track that we had and said, 'that sounds like Maiden, 1985 style.' And he said 'yeah, yeah, yeah.' And I said 'go on, I'll write some lyrics and I'll put a tune to it.' So I did, and we all just had a hoot putting the demo down, and we were laughing and drinking beer and I said, 'come on, let's put it on the record.' And he said, 'no, we can't do that; we'll get in trouble' (laughs). And I said 'no we won't, I'll take it to London and I'll see what everybody thinks about it before we do anything.' So I played them this thing and I said to Rod Smallwood, Maiden's manager 'what do you think, man?' And he said, 'I think it sounds fantastic!' So I said, 'so we can put it on the record then?' And he said 'oh yeah!' And so Silver Wings is pretty much Iron Maiden 'Aces High'-style, done by me and Roy. And the other track, 'Broken', was conceived, I suppose as a fairly catchy four-minute song done along the lines of Chemical Wedding."
There's also a track called 'The Wicker Man', which Bruce says "isn't an alternate version, it's a completely different song. The original title for the Iron Maiden 'Wicker Man' song was going to be 'Your Time Will Come' and nobody was really that keen on that title. Steve then had picked out of a line I had written, 'The shadow over the wicker man is rising up again', and said, 'wow, why don't we call it 'The Wicker Man'?' At which point I said, 'oh man, it's going to be 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' all over again, but then I said wait, OK, I see, it does make sense, because 'The Wicker Man' gave us a cover, it gave us a look to the album, it gave us a stage show, all from this movie. So it was a good choice, a good decision. But the song that appears on my album, on CD2, is a completely different song, written and recorded at the time of Accident Of Birth."
Thoughts now turn to the follow-up to the classic and universally beloved Chemical Wedding record. Bruce wouldn't comment on lyrical or musical direction, adding that "the plans are to do it as soon as I can get a hold of Roy and dig him out of the bunker he's in with Rob Halford, making his new album (laughs). Then early next year, we'll start. And late next year, we'll do a record with Maiden, and then tour Maiden in 2003."
Any touring planned at all as Bruce Dickinson? "No, even if there was a big demand, I have no band at the moment (laughs). They are scattered to the four winds..."
Pretty much what Seventh says,

If you're into CW Bruce, Broken is great.
If you're into mid 80's Maiden, Silver Wings is awesome.

But CD 2 is where the gold is:
Original BYD...TTS
Original Wickerman
Jerusalem live from the Scream for me Brazil concerts
Darkness be my friend
And Bruces original demo tape and the first thing he recorded, ever: Dracula!

For those who can't wait, theres some interesting downloading goin on over at:
I saw it today. I was very surprised to see in in all three music stores in this shit hole town.

I was thinking about buying it, but go The Lord Of The Rings book instead. Plus I also bought Queensryche Live Evolution Monday.

Lord Of The Rings - A 'must read' before seeing the film.:)
Originally posted by Seventh Son

This movie is going to be one of the biggest of all time!

Movies. There's three! One very December until 2003.

Or at least that's what I've heard.
You'll never believe what I bought today...the first make of The Lord Of The Rings :) I dont know much about it's history, I remember seeing it as a kid so probably close to 20 years ago and it only covers the first half of the overall story, but it still kicks arse. Anyways, it's just been released on DVD...fucking killer! Not as good as the new one I'm sure but it'll keep me happy until December.:D
Got the CD today. I had heard a lot of the bside stuff.. but its great to hear the first Wickerman version. I don't think its bad either.

Jerusalem (live) is a standout in my opinion.

I wasn't expecting to hear Dracula. Very interesting indeed!

Oh, the new tracks are great too :)
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This is for any guys in Newcastle:

JB Hifi is selling Bruce's best of album (the 2 disc set) for about $26.

Fuckin cheap!!

yep, thats where I got mine Seventh. Mr Crowley picked me up a copy. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Got to love JB HIFI. Ive got the new Gammaray and Bruces album from there the last week. I don't have to get stuff from Utopia now :)
Got my copy today, plus the new Queensryche :)

That on top of the new Sonata Arctica and Iced Earth yesterday! WOO! A PURE WEEK OR ROCK!!!!!!! ;)
Wasn't going to bother with new Best Of as I have all Bruce's solo albums anyway but it sounds as if there are a lot of somewhat obscure and interesting tracks on there to make it worth buying.
As for Lord of the Rings, it is going to be amazing. I think I'll be seeing the first film more than once when it comes out!! I haven't looked forward to any other movie release as much as this one - except maybe The Phantom Menace but that was a huge disappointment whereas LOTR looks like it will be phenomenal.