The best thing about Opeth remains a flower


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May 31, 2001
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My Arms Your Hearse or Still Life or Blackwater Park. I the only one to like "Orchid" best?
It has the best melodies, riffs, breaks, beats etc of all Opeth CDs, only marred by poor sound (compared to the other Opeth albums)!!!!!
Hmm. I have to admit, that I dislike Orchid enough to actually NOT get it. And it's in no way about sounds. Orchid just doesn't have the magic. Yes, It's still better than 95% of metal (I personally think most metalbands are pure crap anyway), but the opethian touch isn't yet so clear.
Orchid is more psychedelic than the following albums all together, which is great, and it's own way it's more innovative, even. But not in the way I'd like it. Maybe it's too simple...(in opethian scale I mean!)

Am I gonna get beaten up now?

Originally posted by Windom Pearl
I have to admit, that I dislike Orchid..
Am I gonna get beaten up now?

Yes! :mad:

No, really, I think Orchid is the best or second best album from Opeth, but that might be just because I've listened to it more than anything else. You just gotta love them all.. :)
Whenever I listen to that cd I always get taken away with the music of The Twilight is My Robe (3:35-5:34) That is by far one of the best parts of the album.

Hey, Wisdom Pearl... meet me out behind the building after school... we're gonna have some "words".

Heh. No, I think I put Orchid at the bottom of my list of albums, it stays down there with BWP in the bottom two spots. MAYH and Morningrise compete for top spot and Still Life sits comfortably in the middle.

I love Orchid. I think it's great. It is an album I don't think I could live without (like all Opeth works). I think the quality about it I like best is that it still wanders nicely... going on these stretched-out tangents you can just get lost in and never repeating itself. However, the level of intensity and emotion had yet to quite get up to Opeth's usual 1000%. BWP is the opposite... intense, but a little too repetitive at times and there isn't that same ability to get lost, and it feels less epic. It feels more like a collection of songs (great songs, yes, but still...) than an album.

These ae just my opinions, though...
I fell in love with Orchid the minute I saw the beautiful cover art...

The ethereal journey through enchanted forests, solitude and the soul of the individual man; eventually rising in triumph...and on the cover...a pretty pink Orchid!

The depth and breadth of the work is amazing!

Despite the lower production quality, which I personally don't think makes much difference, Orchid holds a special place in my Opeth collection.

enough rambling. The point to this post; I love Orchid!
There are as many good passages and lyrics and riffs on Orchid as on any of the other albums. I would never separate it from the quintet.

In Mist She Was Standing is still one of the very best Opeth songs.
I still can't say whether Orchid or Morningrise is my favorite. Orchid was the first Opeth cd I bought and for me it is certainly magical. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the production of Orchid and Morningrise. Oh sure, everybody rants and raves about how good the production is on BWP and Still Life, and I do agree it is excellent production, but I prefer the production and overall sound of Opeth on their first two. To a certain extent production quality is like beauty, 'tis in the eye of the beholder.
I don't really look at the production sound.. as if that really counts for anything anyway... its the content of the songs that counts.
Their structure, where they take you and what emotions they can molest, the meaning of lyrics and overall place you end up finding yourself when you wake from that ethereal spell.
Thats what I look for.... and I find that Orchid does all the above and then some.

As for some people saying that BWP is repetitive making the staling the waters.... well I don't mind it. Its just revisiting a familiar place... the feeling of returning home after a very long journey... and might I add that they have done it with style and with plenty of variance between returnings.

Though I find The Drapery Falls excusite. I love it.
I think Blackwater Park is very different from Still Life...whereas the latter is a more etheral record, BWP is a much heavier and visceral album...notice the higher proportion of death vocals. And songs like the title track and The Leper Affinity could have easily been on Orchid or Morningrise IMO.
Hi everybody, this is my first post at this forum. I just got Orchid a week ago and I absolutely love it. If fact it may be my favorite out of the three opeth cds I have thus far: Morningrise, BWP, and Orchid. I like how the production on Orchid makes it sound a little more raw. As of now my two favorite tracks off of Orchid are In Mist She Was Standing and Forest of October.
Hi everybody, this is my first post at this forum. I just got Orchid a week ago and I absolutely love it.

Welcome aboard, Alucard; the Opeth community grows every day with new fans like yourself finding and loving the band, and then helping to spread the word. :D

That said, although "Orchid" is not my favorite release of Opeth, that honor goes to either "Morningrise" or "Still Life" depending on my mood, it does beat out MAYH and BWP. The chemistry and interplay between instrumental passages is just as strong in The Apostle in Triumph and Under the Weeping Moon as any of their later work. Plus, the sweeping piano arrangement of Silhouette builds classic status to any "metal" band daring enough to dedicate a whole song to that one instrument. The song by itself shows why Opeth are not just a "metal" band, but a band that transcends labeling.

Besides the music, both exterior photo shots of the flower and band at dusk are haunting, and exemplify the talent and versatility of the band. Beautiful stuff, those shots.

Orchid is a supreme album.. Though, the concept of Mayh and the flow of Morningrise just take me deeper.. They're my 3rd fave.. I adore ' Forest of October.. '