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Apr 17, 2001
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I thought we could have a thread for talking about anything we want to, from site tips, instruments, records and gossip to Viruses relation to alcohol.. ;) Just anything I guess! Is that cool? Otherwise I`ll just delete this thread, no prob :)

Eddy....your wet dream has come you can post how much you want :) ;)

If someone`s got a good name for this thread, I`ll be glad to change it from what I called it for now..
What about thoose scales you`re practicing on, getting anywhere with them? It`s a bitch getting all the positions into your head huh? I guess I`ll never be able to know them really well and when suddenly switching key....oh man...:cry: :)
I started learning scales too. I copied everything off of that website you mentioned Adde. Bloody hard work learning 'em but I think it pays off later on. :)
Too be honest mate, I haven't played guitar all week... Gonna start properly tomorrow with the major and pentatonic scales, it'll be a nightmare getting them all into my decaying brain! ;)

You'll get them Adde! It just takes a bit of time :)
New topic:

Clip reduction.
Here is a tip for you all...Cool Edit's clip reduction utility blows. It does not actually remove the digital distortion noise that you hear when you get clipping, all it does is modify the wave form so you no longer have a 'straight line' in the wave form during clipping...and it seems to accomplish this by an algorithm which finds said lines and reduces the db level there.
What use is that?

I thought I had the perfect tool to remove the clips from Medsy's To Tame solo...but after playing with the tool for hours, I only managed to get a prettier wave form...with the clips still quite audible (albeit some were a bit harder to hear). Bleach!

On the other hand, its hiss/pop reduction works like a champ!

Sorry..just venting. :(

Hmmm...what Diretx Plugins do you guys regularaly use to add reverb? How about compression? Just curious.
Cant help you here man, I dont use cooledit, just Auckustika wich I use for mixing, like reverb, equalizer and noise reduction...
Tried to use a direct x plugin for compression in N-track but it failed. I haven`t tried to eliminate clipping yet.... I guess that every player must really be aware that his recording dont clip form now on...
Well, it`s hard for me to say, cuz I really haven`t had anything does what I want it to do...I guess it`s quite good. I think I got it a long time ago, maybee from Paul or Virus, can`t really remember.... "Acoustica 2.1" it`s called.:)
Why does it say I posted something at 3:45 am when I posted it at 7pm? I think I set the time zone right when I registered.
Who uses Cakewalk, guitar tracks, besides me? For anyone who does, do you get weird little pops and clicks in your tracks when you use the effects?
Ok, more than a couple of things:
What program do most of you use to convert your .wav's to mp3's? The program I'm using adds a loud click at the beginning, and end of every track.
And finally.....
Something you might find amusing. has a section called "last minute book reports". Check out the one for Jeckyl and Hyde. I thought it was pretty funny.

SO many BBs and such screw up the time that I dont even pay attention to it anymore....

I use Digital Orchestrator Pro and don't have any probs...

I use MusicMatch to convert wav to MP3. It works great as long as you don't want anything fancy like mono or something...

I turned Jim onto MusicMatch to perform that function. Best converter I have found so far. The ones built into these editing programs (N-track,etc) SUCK!

6.0 Is cool. Go get it.
Any guitarrist here wanna share some tips regarding cool ways using the tremolo arm. It`s really a cool thing to use sometimes, especially in longer solos, both Adrian and Dave have used it quite a lot, and very well to I think. Unfortunatly I have no locking device for my strings so I cant do really wild bombing stuff but I can shake and press the arm pretty much I think for the guitar to get out of tune. Rabies, if I dont remember wrong, you used to be, or still are, into the tremolo arm thing, share some tips will ya! :)
Hehe, I have a tremolo arm for a Fender strat lying around somewhere... I sold my old fender a while ago, but forgot to give the guy the arm.... and I can't use it with my Epiphone, it seems... ;)

P.S. This was a post meant to boost my count.