The experience of seeing Katatonia live in concert


weak light
Jan 23, 2002
From an old concert review (

Katatonia again. Did the House of Commons pass a law making it compulsory to include them in all metal bills this year or what? This was the third time I'd seen them in the last year, and on each occasion I've been unmoved. I wouldn't begrudge Katatonia their acclaim, but whenever I see them I feel nothing but numbness. Only Anders Nystrom has any stage presence to speak of (and with his increasingly unkempt split ends and patchy facial hair, he's looking ever more like a member of My Dying Bride); vocalist Jonas is no visual draw. He is resolutely immobile, bar the bizarre pocket-slapping jig he's taken to dancing during more animated sequences of the set, and the big woolly hat pulled down over his eyes and ears is merely weird. What image is this choice of headgear supposed to convey? The rest of the band maintain their background presence, looking more like they should be in a band with a name like Starsailor or The Seahorses every time they come over here.

Hehe, fuck that reviewer.:lol: I'm looking forward to seeing Jonas slapping his pockets again.

unfortunately (s)/he's correct about the stage presence bit though, static would be an understatement. Pocket slapping is all very well ( and well noticed too - i had forgotten just how lively he got last time I saw them with the old pocket slappin'...)

Nonetheless, it's music you go to hear, the appearance of the medium for it (the band) is irrelevant. Stage presence is somthing i think they should improve a bit though....
I remember 2 concerts of Peter Gabriel. On the first one he been like dead statue and even didn't move from microphone. On second he jumped like gorilla and was hyper-active. U never know...
Sorry for my english, but I hope u'll catch my idea.
I have nothing to complain about their live performance!
I absolutely love to see Jonas so quiet on stage and I don't like to go to gigs where the crowd gets mad and so on...I'm there to listen to the music and it's annoying when you can't follow the music because of some people who are moshing or similar...But that's because I'm a girl and I would be "killed" by a mad crowd...
Gotta find that reviewer and kill him/her. I've NEVER seen Katatonia live. When will they perform somewhere in America (as in the continent)?:mad:
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and i am a man.

you ripped of my mate with that! :eek: well in fact not, my mate is *man*

but I bet there will be some action here in belgium the 10th may! oh yeah, and if there isnt we make some :mad:
lame audience = lame gig = dissapointing

it all starts with yourself, come on, i wanna move hips on teargas, in fact how can you stand still on it after all :eek: