The Lost Art of the Movie Poster

Best era for movie poster art?

  • Pre-60's

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • 1960's

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  • 1970's

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • 1980's

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • 1990's

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  • 2000's

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  • 2010's

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  • Don't like/care about them at all.

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Dimension Hatröss
May 22, 2015
Nothing special just a thread for sharing favourite poster art. Inspired in part by this new thing where old school vintage poster art/cover art is being made for newer films or for old films being re-released on blu-ray etc.

One of the first sorta-kinda throwback posters I saw was this one:


And these are newer favourites for the amazing Fury Road:



And some classics I have on my walls:




The Void has some kickass retro posters.




I also took some photos at an exhibition of Kirk Hammet's private poster collection last winter. I'll try to post some soon. Best decade is pre-1960s though, in my opinion.
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Inspired in part by this new thing where old school vintage poster art/cover art is being made for newer films

One of the better examples of this ^ but also, this poster is a billion times better than the film and probably fooled a lot of people into spending money on it in the hopes it's as cool as its poster:

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I think I just slightly prefer 70's posters, since a good deal of it was art rather than photos (even though the Cobra, Terminator and Commando posters rule). I love all the 70's kung fu posters especially.
yea they're pretty close imo. But there is also a shit ton of posters from the 80's that arent photos, for example like most of the ones ive been posting recently (Band of the Hand, Child's Play etc).

i have it 80's > 70's > pre 60's > 60's > 90's > 2000's >2010's >
Yeah the 80's is definitely stacked as fuck, I especially love all those Mad Max-effect films, usually made in Italy. They made killer fucking posters for them.

I think mine would go: 70's > 80's > 90's > pre-60's > 60's > 2000's > 2010's but it would be interesting to actually test it.

RE Southern Comfort; it's my goal lately to find that poster IRL for my house, I love that one it's so simple but contains all the paranoia and violence so perfectly.
That's so cool. There's actually a fuckload of unofficial alternate posters for films on DeviantArt, might dig around on there someday for this thread.
That was actually the cover on the blu ray that was released fairly recent.

Seems to be one of the big new things in physical media to have alternate artwork, usually with the original on the reverse




Legitimately? That's cool, I just assumed it was unofficial. But yeah I'm loving this new trend, it's one of the main things that got me to start buying blu ray and now I'm kinda interested in trying to replace my whole DVD collection with blu ray.