They Will Return + Swampsong on vinyl now


Feb 2, 2006
South east coast, USA
The notorious Italian vinyl-reissue-only label Night of the Vinyl Dead released They Will Return on vinyl about a month ago, so pick it up if you can. 400 were made, all on black vinyl. [Edit 18/7: The same pizza label has released Swampsong as well, a couple weeks ago, including SUODETH bonustrack from the Japanese CD version] Both have a very nice 4-page heavy insert with readable lyrics. Get them while you can.

In case you missed it, the debut album Swamplord was already released a few years ago by Record Shop X's inhouse label Lipposen Levy ja Kasetti. Sold exclusively at Record Shop X and only 250 copies were made, but surprisingly it was available for well over a year. It sounds and looks great if you can ever find a copy for a fair price. The audio has much higher (close to 3x as high) dynamic range master compared to the CD version we all know and love for decades.
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