this boards perception of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY ........?


Jun 25, 2003
Northern Ireland
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so far ive positively gushed over bands such as:

In Flames
Children of Bodom

another band that has caught my interest is theatre of tragedy......i think they are very very interesting, i really dig the slant they have in their music, a nice blend of electronica fused with heavy guitars and good vocal ability.

i admit, i really like what ive heard so far, its kinda different and makes me want to hear more.

just outta highly or lowly regarded are they here ?
What CD's of theirs did you listen too? I loved the first 3 Cds (as most do) But dont like ANYTHING after that. Idk, they just changed real fast and not in a good way either. But if you havent checked out their first 3, they are perhaps some of the most beautiful albums available.
Here's my view on ToT:

Awesome first two albums.

Fairly good third album.

Ok fourth album.

Boring fifth album.

The bulk of their music is a style of metal called B&B metal (Beauty and the beast metal, a reference to the vocal styles). This style is made up of male grunted death vocals, female vocals, and a kind of gothy doomy death metal. Others in the style include Tristania, The Sins of thy Beloved, Trail of Tears, Odes of Ecstasy, Sirenia, etc.
The Velvet Darkness They Fear is a fucking great album. Only heard some of their new stuff but it really isn't that bad..that whole doom metal meets techno thing is weird but cool. It's got a good vibe.
I'm pretty much on board with LuminousAether although I like the fifth more than the fourth. When they changed their style, I liked it as a guilty pleasure of bubble-gum pop/goth but it got boring in a hurry. I started listening to them when they put out Velvet Darkness They Fear and loved it. I think the style change was too much too fast and it shook a lot of fans loose. Now that Liv Kristine is no longer in the group, I think both Liv's solo (which is a bit boring) and Theatre will go a bit more downhill and not be as nice a break as Morten leaving Tristania (and forming Sirenia) but time will tell...