this is unelievable!!!!!!!


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Sep 2, 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
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Absolut Unbelievable!!!

today i watched a tv-film. it was about a guy who had been killed. the thing that made it interesting to me was that he was a metalhead. some minutes later there was a a poster on the wall with i face i knew. i thought: "hey, isn't this van williams, the drummer of nevermore." then somebody switched the light on and i could see the nevermore-logo! that was cool enough but again a few minutes later they showed some scenes from a nevermore-concert. IN GERMAN TV on sunday evening in one of the biggest programs!!!!! it'S just unbelievable! they played "believe in nothing" and DHIADW (the music wasn'T live i guess it sounded pretty cd-like)! it'S so great!!! :loco: :loco:
Well, I guess that was what that guy was talking about when he said that Nevermore was going to be on german TV some time. pretty cool stuff. Now if only they could do that here in Canada(or at least north america). But, Nevermore sure as hell wouldn't be on any normal TV show(let alone a popular one). The only thing they have a chance of being on is a show here in Canada called LOUD where they play metal videos. Although, lots of the stuff they play is pure dog shit. They have never played any Nevermore, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, and I think they only played Cradle of Filth a couple of times. Which is dumb because Cradle of Filth is pretty damn popular too. It sucks dick. And my brothers ran into on the street the lame host, George "insert his really big last name here" , and asked him why LOUD sucks and why they never play those bands. and he said that they have played In Flames a couple times before. Which is total crap because my brother has been taping that show every time its on(one day a week) for the last 3 years approximately so he can take all the best videos and put them in tape and he has never come across In Flames. It sucks. My brother has about 14 hours of metal videos and none of those bands. oh well. LOUD sucks!
Yeah!!! I have seen it. That was tatord [sp?] great series of the German television that has been populair since the 70s.

I thought the band came out real good. When I switched to the station the inspectors were in the car and one said to the other:
"Nevermore, do you know them?" There were Nevermore posters shown and you could see the band perform "I believe in nothing" [playback btw] At some point the inspector made a comment during the so called gig that he liked the music.

What was nice was that one of the teachers in the story had to justify her presence during the gig and she told the inspector:
" its because of the music, I am a real fan you know". That was great for me personaly because I am a teacher to!! :)

I have made some Nevermore fans from my students :cool:

Anyway later in the story the kid brother calls the teacher to tell her his brother is in trouble. She then asks why he called *her*. He say's: "Its because you like heavy metal too". That is how my students react to me too.

So this was a great show. I felt I really could relate to the story because it had real life elements in it.
WoW! somebody has seen it too!...well it'S spelled tatorT (well nevermind) which actually means "scene of a crime". it surely was playback. i didn'T hear the inspector say that he likes that music because i didn't watch it from the beginning.

Yes I know what tatort means I can understand German nicely. I have grown up in Eindhoven pretty much near the German border. And we have been watching tatort since the begining in the 70s.

I remember the tatort series when a very cool guy was playing the inspetor his name in the series was Shimanski [spelling??] do you guy's know who I mean??

When possible I go to the Wacken festival. I love the way that metal is celebrated in Germany.

Germany rules!!!
Do you think that,s unbelievable
back in 1988 there was a show on the german t.v. (RTL)
they showed a gig of Sanctuary for almost 25 minutes
I was sober enough to watch it but till Today I Never met anybody
who Taped The Fucking show That's unbelievable
wow! hawk you must be very old ;) ;) ;) ´
yea...i know schimanski (i'm sure that it's sch in the beginning but i never cared for the rest ;)). he was the maininspector some years ago. but as i said i'm not into tatort.

infidel: that is unbelievable! i didn't watch it because i was 3 years old back then :D. i even didn'T know what heavy metal is.

demonspell: translated word by word it would be "nevermore fickend demoniert" but no one says that. i would say it english and most ppl would say it in english too!
Originally posted by [KOTNO]Narrot
wow! hawk you must be very old ;) ;) ;) ´
yea...i know schimanski (i'm sure that it's sch in the beginning but i never cared for the rest ;)). he was the maininspector some years ago. but as i said i'm not into tatort.

I am very old :) Did you not see what it say's under my avatar??

"The old Neverhead" To answer your implicit question: I am 43 :eek: :) :) :) :)