Thought I'd lay it on you now. My band, Sandgeese!

The Amazer

Mar 31, 2003
Well I have a band called Sandgeese (I'm pretty sure I haven't posted here about us yet, if I have forgive me major)

and well, we write songs and I have them on my ftp in mp3 format to the max. I like to spread the word about us, y'know? All recording done with a drum machine and a crappy 24 watt amp and $15 microphone... sounds fairly good though. (Oh, a couple of songs are recorded live in our music room at school ;))

well, anyway, I finished writing and recording a song yesterday, called ONE-WAY TELEPHONE.

I'm major proud of it, and thought you might like to check it out! - One-Way Telephone.mp3

if you wanna check out our other songs, just right-click save target as them at

(They're the ones with Sandgeese - in front of them)

Thanks y'all!

P.S Spread the word if you like ;)
Hey ceydn do you know Circle Of Hate? They're from Mildura, one of my mates is the singer. Luke. They played the Logan Rockfest a couple of years ago.
Circle of Hate! I have a vague recollection of them from a few years back at the Battle of the Bands or something. They were pretty damn good!

Ima baesh you.

Although chick-sounding vocals did work for glam :p

But I dont' pride myself as a vocalist... but they're not THAT bad!