To the ladies in the "Garden Of Grey"...


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Sep 4, 2001
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I'm glad to see that some ladies (Child of Vision, rottingflesh?, etc...) like "Garden of Grey" and can relate to how sexual it is. Awhile back I posted a thread about everyones favorite "sex music" and got many different and interesting replies. To me it varies with the lady and/or the mood. Some of my favorites include Queensryche's Rage For Order (Gonna Get Close To You), Type O Negative's October Thorns, Lethal's Programmed, Slayer's Reign In Blood (for rough sex) to mention a few. Take Care and Cheers.
You ruined it for me Dude. You about made me puke with your "sick humor" Ha! Ha! I have worked, and hung out, with people that are gay but I don't understand it. It turns me on to see two beautiful women kiss and touch each other but not the "dyke" type women. I don't undearstand men being gay at all, but to each his own. Gay people don't bother me as long as they don't try to impress there beliefs on me.
Garden of Grey is the SEXIEST AND MOST SEXUAL SONG IN THE WORLD!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And everyone else needs to love it too. :hotjump:
I too love Garden f Grey. It is full of sexuality, makes you wonder about that Garden where you hide with .... your man/woman and imagine all the things you could do there.... :) Been in love with that song eversince I first heard it, that was basically one of the first songs I was impressed with from Nevermore (besides The Hurting Words). Though I was only 14.... :)

ZANEX, have you heard Dalbello's original version of Gonna Get Close To You? I can assure you it is almost sicker than the Queensryche one.... :D

Some more sexual music: In Flames with Satellite and Astronauts(! :D ) and Winger with Like a Ritual...
Originally posted by ZANEX
I'm glad to see that some ladies (Child of Vision, rottingflesh?, etc...) like "Garden of Grey" and can relate to how sexual it is.

i don't see how anyone could MISS the sexual connotation! i mean, the lyrics go
"...when the nightshade blooms in your eyes,
let my sin fall in you;
when the forrest sings like an angels' choir
i'm coming nearer-
i wanna feel your flesh enrapture me
and live the politics of ecstacy... the garden-
to touch you is so surreal...

when you feel the shiver of lust grow deeper,
i'm coming for you...

i wanna feel my senses sing to me
you are the music in my ecstacy...

i want to love you in the garden of grey
where we can stop the time
and drink the ecstacy..."

plus the heavy breathing... wow.

how is that not sexual?? how could anyone miss that? it is one of the most poetically sexual songs ever created.

i dunno. but whatever... yeah, it's one of the most erotic songs i've EVER heard in my LIFE. i love it, it's great, it's wonderful, and i bless the band for doing it.
this part is cool too...i am not thinking that warrel is breathing sexy but in the way i i think about this song i love it. for me is using just an example of being reduced to instincts. and ina way warrel sounds liek an animal in this song!