to the special ones: what does make you feel so angry that...


Satan's yoyo
Oct 31, 2001
Stockholm, Sweden feel the need to use phrases like "fuck off, you moron", "go kill yourself", "yeah, whatever", "eat shit", "die, motherfucker(w/out implying Malevolent Creation)", to other people here on the Forum, w/out using any arguments or giving any sophisticated comments.

Things like that make me think that 90% of metal-heads(conclusion made by only watching) are people who have their personal frustrations that have to come out through these poor phrases, or they just want to be a part of the well known world of metal as it's supposed to be: mean, ugly, drunk, enemies of organic and anorganic...

ATTN: All respect to those capable of communicating in a different level.
High five to metalized, NoLordy Capone, ledmag, Serge, Neverlady (who won't be with us that much anymore), KOTNO[Narrot] and Trapped for his special polyglot skills. :cool:

:headbang: in a right way, don't :zzz: .
I agree with you Tee!

Come on guys, I've read some comments of ppl saying they're bored, being the reason of their -excuse me- stupid threads but there are lots of other things to do... Now you just make the rest of the boarders bored!
Get a life!:err:
he, great that i am seen as "capable of communicating in a different level"! thx...anyway in real life i use "fuck off" and stuff alot but those ppl that know know that it's not meant to hurt someone...

that thing made me laugh: "mean, ugly, drunk"
i won'T say that i am ugly (let others judge, whatever...that'S not the point...) but ppl say i am mean (i am just very cynical and my jokes often lack taboos. because of that many ppl get me wrong) and often drunk as well...ask lil witch, iris and iceddragon...

naaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.....just keep this board in harmony and peace!!!

oh well...wherever...wherever you are...Iron Maidens...gonna get you, no matter how far...see the blood flow, watching it shed...up above my head...Iron Maiden want you for DEAD
Originally posted by QuothTheRaven
Hey tee, fuck off you moron
I communicate on a higher level too, so eat shit and die motherfucker! :D

:D :D :D I'm glad you like the good old Malevolent Creation! :yow: :headbang: :middlefinger:

so good to communicate. again. :cool: