Tomorrow, Aug 25th in Montclair, NJ

We here at Sil Veth HQ are long-term oriented, so renting a U-haul to transport our countless music-making gadgets to Montclair last night seemed like a wasteful idea.

We decided to shop around for a van instead. So we found and purchased one on the day of the gig using the money we raised from selling my grandma's golden watch (I hope she is not reading)

Anyway, the new Sil Veth mobile carried us safely and comfortably about half of the way to the gig last night.

We made it to the T.G.I. Friday parking lot in the F town, where it refused to go on any longer without a newly charged battery or a new alternator.

So we also had a chance to see if sleeping in the Sil Veth mobile is comfortable (for those of you wondering - the answer is 'yes, it is!')

We spent most of today getting the alternator unit replaced. Thanks to Michael and his staff at the Autozone in Flemington, NJ we were able to get the countless tools we didn't have with us which we needed to do the job.

We apologize to everyone who ground their heels to the Underground 8 to see us last night.

Better luck next time. Until then, metal on!