Tool (non-Opeth post)


May 1, 2001
I've been hearing a lot about this band with the new album out recently and I wonder if it's music that an Opeth fan would like. The thing that interests me are the long songs and the dark atmosphere. However, other reviews say that it's not really metal, more like hard rock. I haven't heard the music, so is it any good?
Wow, someone has actually NOT heard Tool? They are played on the radio a lot around here.

Anyways, I certainly wouldn't recommend them for someone exclusively on the basis that you like Opeth. They are completely different. Very progressive, but in a different way. Heavy guitars, dark production and distinctive vocals.

I like 'parts' of Tool, but in general I'm not a fan at all. I listen almost exclusively to dark music, yet I really don't like Tool very much. . .so I think it is certainly a band you should hear for yourself instead of getting others advice..
Tool are one of the best bands around. I'm finding that many Opeth fans like Tool, and, when I introduce Opeth to Tool fans, they end up saying "wow, Opeth is awesome". Similar in that many fans of both bands are very open-minded and thinkers. I don't really see Maynard and company as pretentious. They're all what some people would call a little "weird". They have a wicked sense of humour...the kind that gets people to think "are they serious?". They love to keep their fans on their toes, that's for sure. While their songs can be some pretty serious stuff and I'm sure they take their music seriously, they don't take themselves rediculously serously... they simply list themselves as "geeks" in the "Ænima" CD booklet. Their music certainly isn't boring...I guess it takes a certain mindframe and understanding to "get" them. Danny Carey is one of the best drummers around (I think Lopez is right up there with him, by the way). Maynard has entrancing vocals. The music is great, heavy and very often atmospheric. Basically, if you're one of those closed minded death metal "if it's not heavy going at a million miles per hour, it's shit" freaks, you may not like them, and you may find them boring. Many Tool fans are of a rare breed, as with many of the Opeth fans I've come across in here, and the true fans are just as loyal. Of course, since they are well known, there are some idiots that only like them because "they rock, man". Whatever. Definitely give them a listen. "Opiate" and "Undertow" are a bit heavy rock/metal, while "Ænima" and "Lateralus" have elements of the first two albums, but with a lot more atmospheric elements added. As I've heard and have similarly said, "they're like Led Zeppelin on steroids". Again, definitely check them out.
I guess Tool aren't for everyone, but if you do manage to get into them, you end up loving them like you do Opeth. They're one of those bands you can appreciate on so many different levels :D
Well, I think someone who ilkes Opeth would also like Tool!
They don't play the same kind of music and Opeth use much more acoustics, but Tool are even better musicians. The drummer is awesome, definitely. Within their music you can always discover parts for which Opeth are also famous. I mean these silent parts, just accompanied by one guitar and very melodic voices.

You should go and check them out. But be carefull, cause their musical art cannot be discovered by just one listen.

or you better go to to find out my best friend's music!!!
Hearing mallcore fanatics who dig limp bizkit, korn and manson talk about tool in terms of 'that's some cool shit dude' and 'i'm so fucking heavy' is why I stay clear of them. In short: tool has a bad reputation.

Why don't you take a listen at them, isnstead of hearing what some korn freaks say. I know people that like korn and do as well listen to Opeth!
And I must say they have got a good reputation and they are worth a listen!
Yet they don't sound like Korn or Limp Bizkit at all! Tool rule!
Tool better musicians than Opeth? There is no excuse for comments like that on an Opeth forum. Personally, I think Adam Jones is a better graphic designer than guitarist...and cannot compare to the versatility and emotion of Akerfeldt and Lindgren...have you forgotten the fucking acoustics!
As I've said before, they are two of my top three favorite bands. They differ a bit stylistically, so it's not really fair to say one is more talented than the other. I think they are equally talented in what they do. They are both awesome bands.
I have never been able to get into Tool...they kind of put me to sleep :D

Good musicians, i agree, but the music is too...slow and progressive...but not in an Opeth kind of way...uh oh...ive said too much :X
Although I consider both Tool and Opeth to be wonderful bands, the two should not be compared.

For one thing, their approaches to musical creation seem to have more differences than similarities. While Opeth focus on dark subject matter, it's much more of a 'gothic' tone than Tool. Akerfeldt and Co. seem to base their songs more around the music than the vocals, while Tool seems to let the guitar take second seat to Maynard James Keenan's crooning.

The similarities between the two bands include: both write songs which often stretch past the 7 or 8 minute point; both bands are somber, serious sets of musicians who care about their fans.

While Tool has a sense of humor and doesn't consider themselves to be gods, they are quite serious about the music they create and how it is going to affect the human population.
Akerfeldt and Co. (I apologize for not knowing their names) seem to be extremely conscientious about remaining serious, but at the same time, have dignity and humility about the masterpieces they create.

Again, the two bands should probably not be compared using the same criteria.


Tool's first two full length CDs are both very good. Unfortunately, it seems that Maynard and the boys have spent too much time reading their own press clippings.

The new CD, Lateralus, is both boring and pretentious. I found it difficult to listen to in a single sitting. It just seems to go on, and on, and on... Which is odd, since many of the bands that I listen to, regularly write songs that are longer than the average Tool track.

If you have never listened to Tool, the new disc isn't the best place to start (unless you like really bad, pretentious music). I would recommend either Undertow or Aenima.

I think a lot of Opeth fans would like Tool. They've always been one of my favorites. The drums and vocals are stellar, though I definitely wouldn't class the guitarwork anywhere near Opeth. Not that it isn't good, but damn just listen to the layers in Opeth's songwriting. It is truly godlike. Jones is a master in creating cool sounds and is very creative, but he's never done anything extraordinary. When you put the pieces of Tool together though, you get an almost extraordinary result. Personally, I've always liked the bass/guitar interaction and the singing in Tool the most.
I just got Lateralus, and it is quite good. Nothing has really jumped out at me though, and it seems there are some boring parts. But like Opeth, it takes awhile to absorb Tool's music.
I got into Tool before I got into Opeth.

Lateralus is one of my favorite albums ever, the percussion and the vocals being the highlights. Tool, like Opeth are very serious musicians. Unfortunately some short singles do get airtime and people who like Korn and Linkin Park like some of it too. It's not Tool that has the bad reputation, more of the fan base that has a bad reputation.