Top 3 songs...

Ecstatic Youth

...playing with fire
I was just wondering what some of your 3 favourite Nevermore songs IN A ROW are. An example would be 4, 5, 6 from Politics. I don't know off the top of my head what those are, but that's just an example. If any body is wondering, yes I got this idea from the Soilwork board.

Here are some of mine(in no particular order of goodness):

2-Beyond Within
3-The Death of Passion
4-I Am The Dog

1-The Seven Tongues of God
2-This Sacrement
3-Next In Line

2-We Desintegrate
3-Inside Four Walls

5-The River Dragon Has Come
6-The Heart Collector
7-Engines of Hate

3-In Memory
4-Silent Hedges/Double Dare

Well, there are more than just one list, but it's because Nevermore just kick that much ass.


hmmm, that's tough, can you do like 7,8,1? with Nevermore you could pick any 3 pretty much heh, they all kick ass, but i'll try

7. Timothy Leary
8. Godmoney
1. What Tomorrow Knows

5. DNB
6. Deconstruction
7. the fault of flesh

9. 42147
10. The Learning
1. The Seven Tongues of god

2. CBF
3. The Sanity Assasin
4. Garden of Grey

and tons more