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Jan 26, 2024
Hey everyone, I trade rare Rammstein bootlegs and I'm looking for more people to trade with. I have a large collection of shows, you can find the list of them here I'm interested in anything I don't have, but mainly Ahoi and back. If you want to trade then please either PM me or contact me via my site I also have interest in trading other, things, but we can discuss that privately if you're interested.
Made a playlist for trading as I'm going to post snippets of my own recordings + any other videos to do with trading.
Recorded a new concert, Gwar - The Granada, KS, U.S.A

Duration: 1:31:17
Size: 1GB
Format: WAV
Trade Status: NFT
Extra Info: Master.
Trading has slowed down a lot for Rammstein, especially lately. I am testing this out as a way to find new traders as it seems anything else I try is fruitless. It doesn't have to be Rammstein for Rammstein, I will accept offers for other artists I like. No, I am not going to leak this show.No, I will not sell you this show.

Got 2 new shows, been too busy to trade lately but my schedule is freeing up again so hit me up if you want to trade

Slipknot - 1999.09.11 - Nautica Stage, U.S.A
Slipknot - 2002.08.29 - Festivalgelände Schöllingstraße, Austria
Mudvayne - 2000.07.28 - Somerset, U.S.A
Paramore - 2006.xx.xx - U.S.A
Paramore - 2007.09.06 - London Astoria, UK
Paramore - 2007.09.07 - London Astoria, UK