Trouble fans


unus spiritus est
Oct 10, 2001
Question: how many Trouble fans could we count on to show up at the House of Blues-Chicago on a Tuesday night in January (21st)?

apparently there is the possibility that this show could go down but i don't know why it hasn't been made official yet. i've only received hearsay on the matter but some other exciting opening act names were tossed around. don't know for sure if anything is settled at this point, but i for one would love to see it happen. there is talk of Trouble possibly playing a 2-hour set which would include stuff they have not played in a long time (if ever, heh). i don't know who needs to make the final decision on this rumored show but...

it must happen! :headbang:

great. glad you dig 'em.

i don't know if they'll be able to play in Athens anytime soon, but thanks for the support. there may be a Trouble show happening here next month. we'd love to have you visit if it happens. :)