Unmissable Shows List


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May 7, 2006
Adelaide, South Australia
Here, please add the important tours that noone should miss. Better to compile them so everyone can see, and many have not been given a thread anyway. My list are the ones I know about, and will be in attendance.

On sale now

Arcturus, Virgin Black, Stargazer
On sale - $45

SLAYER, Mastodon

From $37.40

On sale Feb 16

On sale Feb 16

Thats all I know about right now. I know there are other ones that arent coming to Adelaide, so add them as well.
The only show I would absolutely go out of my way to get to is Porcupine Tree if they decided to tour here.
I'm thinking about seeing Slayer. It's surprising how few of their albums I own - just Seasons in the Abyss, Decade of Aggression, that Diabolus one and God Hates You All. Apart from Seasons I own none of the classics, but I guess the classic songs are on Decade anyway.

Also want to see Paul Stanley but it's down the coast and it depends on how much it'll cost.
Awesome list of bands comin out :headbang:

I'll be seeing all of those bands aside from Dragonforce
Saw Dragonforce open for Metal Skool in LA, those few songs I saw for free (well for my $15 Metal Skool admission) is all I need to see.
My brother told me that he's seeing Suicidal Tendencies in the next day or so. I had no idea that they were touring; he reckons the tour's as badly-promoted as the Living Colour one was.
Well i reckon I'm gonna miss them all...
But I aint gonna miss SODOM!

Fri, June 8 - HiFi Bar - Melbourne
Sun, June 10 Hobart ( Tasmania ) @ TBA
Mon, June 11 - Fowlers Live - Adelaide
Wed, June 13 - Club Phoenix - Brisbane
Fri, June 15 - The Gailic Club – Sydney

Looks like I'll be booking some time off work for recovery:lol:
Yer I'll be at sodom as well; Arcturus is tonight as well :headbang: Stargazer :headbang:

I could have been seeing Vince Neil this friday. *sob*
did he cancel?

I have to say that I loved seeing the last Crue tour but I was drunk as hell and I was live Crue virgin.

Re: Porcupine Tree, I think i got a one track promo of theirs at home. Sounded fairly decent, I'd never heard of them before, do they fit any particular genre style?

oh yeah, SODOM!:worship: Sodomy and.. Sodomy and...

They better play heaps of old shit!