Vocalist seeking band members/join- Kamelot , power metal,melodic Birmingham,UK


Sep 17, 2016
Vocalist and songwriter; Looking for band members or to join a band!!
Gengre -> power, sympho, prog metal, etc, or a combination of them don't mind as well
Looking for guitarist, bass, keybords and drums :D
Contralto singer, also known as the lowest of female voice. Did some classes of canto in Italy.
Favorite bands would be Kamelot, Conception, Serenity, Arrayan Path, Seventh Wonder, Avantasia, classic rock, metal and so on.
Cover of Karma - Kamelot
Dust in the Wind Cover
Serenity - Fairytales, karaoke
https://soundcloud.com/nana-cherry-264524371 my soundcloud with 2 recorded songs
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If you are a drummer that can hit the double pedal, if you can make guitar solos to cry your heart out, but also riffs that make the house jump and headband, if you know how to play keyboards and know the importance of Beethoven but also of modern music, and if your bass can play by itself please contact me.
Commited! Wanting to go pro!
Up!! STill searching for band members
Hey man!!! Im searching for a vocalist.

I uploaded a teaser video on youtube of some of the stuff we are doing. You would replace one of the greatrst vocalists in my area.


Let me know asap.
Sry man!! Intersted only in clean vocals and symphonic metal. I did listen to you and it's not my cup of tea, thanks anyway!
Really appreciated!!! Good luck in finding a great team member and vocalist