Weird vocal melodies

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
Know any?? I love odd vocal melodies placed in metal songs. You know, the ones that make you stop and think, "did he/she really just hit that note??". One that's in my mind at the moment is "The Black Token" chorus, the first chorus actually, by by Borknagar, when Simen sings "trembling aflame", and does that high pitched, near-yodel type vocal pattern. Does any other band do odd vocal melodies like this??? I think it's nice to hear something unexpected like this in my tunes!
well simen is in dimmmu dont forget....... and in my opinion his best vocals are in "kings of the carnival creation" , "the insight and the catharsis", well i cant remember which songs hes in because the names of the songs are so ridiculous, but whatever
Hehe, i said this in the system of a down thread, I like the vocals in spiders. Towards the end he does this wierd thing (sorry can't describe it better than that) tha works really well. He sorta raises and lowers his voice really quickly
hmmm... Warrel Dane does that weird melody at the end of Poison God Machine(nevermore, in case you don't know). During the "and we eat the poison..." part. Warrel Dane rules. I think I'll go listen to that song now.