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Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Although we do have a Maiden-related forum on UM (see Maiden Downunder), that is more a community geared around a group of fans (ie, Aussie and Kiwi Maiden fans).

This new Iron Maiden forum is intended as a general Maiden fan forum, where you can not only discuss Maiden but also - if you so desire - connect with other fans and just shoot the shit.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you're new to UM (ie, you came through the MaidenCentral.com domain), then you can register (it's free!) and jump straight in!

Mark said:
Cool, cos I have nothing else to talk about when it comes to Maiden :lol: at least until the new album's out :)

my usual, trite suggestion is: when you don't know where to turn to, debate the lyrics. ;)
but i'm not starting a thread: i'm way too shy. :p

Mark said:
Cool, cos I have nothing else to talk about when it comes to Maiden /forum/images/smilies/lol.gif at least until the new album's out /forum/images/smilies/smile.gif
Yes, we wait for the new album and tour... but gotta say in SoCal we are very fortunate to get our Maiden fix from The Iron Maidens, the world's only female tribute to Iron Maiden. You probably never thought a group of pretty females could sing and play Maiden so well, but believe me, they ROCK!:Shedevil:
Check 'em out for yerself on their forum page on UltimateMetal.
I am a newbie to Iron Maiden (unfortunately i have only achieved enlightenment as of lately) and was just curious to know if they ever come to ireland during there tours cause it seems the closest place to us they stop is england which truly does suck!
Im a maiden n00b too, but if i were in irelend and they played in england, id hop on a boat and go straight over. Same if they were playing like in Melbourne (i live in sydney asutralia) id go down to see them,. its barely anything to see them play they are the coolest band ever!!!
I think the last time they played Ireland was on the FOTD tour :confused: not sure... They rarely play there (if ever), same for Wales.

These days they tend to have a "the fans can come to us" attitude...
Dunno yet... contemplating the return of the 'maiden news' type thing, but honestly I don't have enough time for everything as it is :lol: :)
yeah. i noticed that once on the maiden downunder forum. these lads are kinda pissed bout maiden not coming to australia. and theyre right.