What are you listening to now ?

Yesterday I listened to Disc one of Iron Maiden's Senjutsu, today I'm listening to Disc two, so far on my first listen I'm not too impressed, Bruce sounds a little tired.
Giving Iron Maidens's Senjutsu a second spin today, while not bad still not great, the songs get longer and longer with each album, almost like Bruce is talking to you instead of singing, sometimes you lose your place on the album.
A lot of people talking about listening to metal in a thread in the Non-Metal section, lol.

I'm listening to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. The more recent, softer albums that I've mostly avoided up to this point given they aren't my thing at all. I figured I've gotta torture myself with them eventually if I consider them a favourite band.
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Since this is in Non-Metal

Steve Reich has been kicking my ass. Getting real into that minimalist rhythmic complexity style of music that he popularized.
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I've been on this Accept kick lately. They are a truly great metal band, We also deciced to add some of their songs to our gigs. Not only are they a great listen but the songs are crazy fun to play.
Limp Bizkit's first 3 albums. I don't think they're so bad as to be unlistenable, but certainly among the worst stuff on my hard drive. Unlike most other bands I hang onto despite rating this lowly, I don't think they really even have any redeeming songs either. Something's gotta fill out the spectrum I guess.