What do you think of Nile?


Black Heart
Aug 21, 2001
Elmhurst, Ill. USA
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I just read that Arch Enemy (one of my absolute favorites) is touring with Nile. So I want to familiarize myself with them before going to the show. What do you think of them? What are they like? What is a good cd to start with? Thanks
Im a huge fan of Nile but im a Huge fan of brutal death metal too so that comes as no surprise. There has been alot of arguments whenever Nile is just morbid angel with ocaccional egyptian passages or ( imho ) Egyptian influenced music wich uses egyptian scales ( wich are awfully close to the harmonic minor scale so thats maybe the Morbid angel perhaps? ).

My advise is that you do what you should do for every band you wanna know: Download some and judge for yourself

Misanthrope ( who is both a Morbid Angel and a Nile huge fan and still thinks they sound nothing alike....)
Ive only heard a few mp3s. but its sounds really cool stuff. To me "Serpent Headed Mask" sounds like it was normal death metal song and just as they were putting it onto CD someone bumped the "double speed" button without realising.

And now they go and get an even crazier drummer i hear! should be interesting.
They're my favourite technical death metal band. their music is almost classical in it's approach. the new album is going to blow my mind. i already know it. . .
Arch Enemy touring with Nile! Don´t take me wrong! I like both of the bands!!! It felt like a odd couple. ;P
I really like Nile´s "Black seeds of vengeance"... If your into the Morbid Angel type of metal you´ll probably like Nile too.
As a swede I, of course, "maves the flag" for my country men in Arch Enemy too! Really like their melodies alot.
ive got black seeds and about 5 tracks on a compilation cd of the other stuff, its funny how theres that only available from mail order album, yet i saw it in a shop :lol:

oh well im in the local papers wearing my black seeds of vengence t-shirt which is nice...
i've just started checking out nile, only got a few mp3's. interesting stuff, i'm sure it'll grow on me in time.

Misanthrope: Egyptian influenced music wich uses egyptian scales ( wich are awfully close to the harmonic minor scale so thats maybe the Morbid angel perhaps? ).
can you tab out some of those scales for me misanthrope? or just tell me the basic structure of them. i'm always looking for some new scales to check out.
I have tried to get into them and went as far as buying the Nephren Ka album and I have to say even after repeated listens I could not get into it. I would have to say judge for yourself though,if you're into brutal death metal(which I'm really not),you might like them but I feel they are kind of overrated! I did see them at Milwaukee Metalfest a couple years back and do have to say they put on a pretty good show however.
I used to play in a band that used to do a sort of Nile thing...
Well i'll share some egyptian scales with ya..im not gonna tab it out..cuz i'm doin this of the top of my head, and i dunno if it would fit right in the message box. So I'll just give you the notes, if you have the smallest grasp of music theory, figuring these out from just the notes and degrees shouldnt be that hard...

Key E: E F# A B D (5 note scales)
Key A: A B D E G

Key E: E F# G# A Bb C D
Key A: A B C# D Eb F G

hope that helps...
Nile is great! Sanders and Dallas just punish their guitars. Walks a fine line between brutal death, technical death. melodic death, and atmospheric metal. Very cool indeed, though I'm sure some people will remind us they that they sounded like Pantera on their early recordings.....