What is the most RECENT album you purchased


I just bought Enslaved's Monumension a few days ago.

Upon first listen, it triggered the worst mood swing I have ever had, and I was so depressed. Upon further listens, I discovered this album was a multilayed peice of Psychadelic black/death metal stuff. The album concept outlines a Pagan Rite of passage or something, with all teh runes and funny symbols and stuff. Their first album in english has not been a dissapointment.

What was your most recent purchase? How do you like it so far?
few day ago? i only get to buy about 5 cd in an entire year.
i order AFDTE and devin townsend - terria. but there was some error and terria never came. i'm giving afdte to a pink floyd/beatles fan for his bday, he should like it alot.
i think it was nevermore' "politics of ecstasy"

hmmmm oooooh no...the devil doll "the sacrilege of fatal arms"..
well actually it was a trade item..... :cool:

gotta buy new stuff soon...

42147 is great.

Last CD i bought? Hmmm... MAYH a long time ago i think.
i just got sculptured-the spear of the lily is aureoled

and what's this band "opeth" like, i was thinking of buying one of their cds...:lol:
been a while since i bought any CDs. From memory, the last CD I bought was 'Lightbulb Sun' by Porcupine Tree. After hearing 'Bleak', I figured this would be a good purchase. kind of a nice stoner rock feel with plenty of soul.
I rarely buy less than 5 CDs at a time.

I got my order from The End Records last Thursday:
KALMAH - Swamplord
ICED EARTH - Dark Genesis BOX
RHAPSODY - Rain Of A Thousend Flames
SINERGY - Suicide By My Side

But I ordered those before I purchased these last Wednesday:
Various - Legendary Big Bands
Vanessa Mae - Storm
Blackmore's Night - Under a Velvet Moon
Kittie - Oracle

I like having a well paying job. :)
Dream Theater - 6 Degrees...

It rules! But I knew that already two months ago when I downloaded the whole thing :)

It was also my first purchase just over the German border (I live in the Netherlands), made a difference of 8 Euros :p
Kittie - Oracle
Machine Head - Supercharger
Tiamat - Wildhoney
Tool - Lateralus
Tool - Salival DVD Boxed Set (Okay, not really an album.. FUCK YOU ;))

That's all I can think of.