what's up with all these people with pictures under their names??

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fear and loathing

jesus, that's too much for me. i don't think i can take it for long.

i don't like this new board at all. the old one had its problems but it was a whole lot better.

fuck the faces, fuck the faces, fuck all that shite! it seems like we old board members sold out, at least to me. i'm sure Ladd will love it.

am i just a reactionary or am i right in liking the old forum better?
Hi fear

I agree, the old forum was better. It was simpler, easier to use, without all these silly faces and symbols. It sucked being away for so long and then coming to find the board had turned into this. Seems like we are losing some of the old members because of this new format. I don't think I can get used to this...
If you don't like seeing people's avatars, you can easily turn them off in your profile (provided you're registered).
I am also getting a strange vibe from that number that tells you how many posts you've made underneath your name. It is like a whos who in the ultimatemetal.com forum boards, and it scares me.
avatar? what the hell is that?

yeah, that number stuff under your name is kinda weird. i think i registered.......
Nope, try again, cause your thingy says not registered....(just an observation)....don't give up though, cause you're fun to have around...I LMAO reading your posts.

NP: this new Savatage is really WEAK!!!!!!! :OMG:
Originally posted by fear and loathing
avatar? what the hell is that?

yeah, that number stuff under your name is kinda weird. i think i registered.......

The avatar is the picture under your name, if you want one, the Strapping Young Lad logo in my case.

The bad thing about the post number is that you can only get 666 once:lol:
teh number thing sucks the worst,,,it makes ppl get a block on their shoulder,,they think they are better because they have like thousands of posts. Iam a member of the BG forum,,,,and if you dont have 2000 posts,,,most of the PRICKS will not reply to ya. AND The more smilies that are in a thread,,,the longer it takes to download the complete thread.........time is what its all about.
I've never seen that happen here, ledmag :) The forums have only been open since April, so everyone is (technically) 'new' ;)
Well, thats good, I hope it stays that way, cause,,,Ive been booted due to smart asses with a large number below their name. Some administrators treat them like they are their own little dick sucker
Originally posted by Demonspell
I don't give a damn how many or how few posts someone has...quality not quantity. And my total is deceptive because I'm a regular at the Opeth BB located on the same host...

Exactly. Just like I'm probably not gonna stray too far outside this forum so consequently my post count won't be 3 milion...and most guys are nice about the whole post count thing...personally I think it's interesting how many posts everyone has...:rolleyes: