when was the last time nevermore toured as headliners

Sep 8, 2003
dayton ohio
5 songs? fuck that! the other bands on gigantour are shitty(or havent made good albums in years) i saw them play 7 opening for dimmu borgir a couple years ago. but next time i see them, i want more, at least 14 songs. and dont skip out on dreaming neon black this time.
For the first time I actually agree with what this guy above me said. I think they should dump bobaflex and Dillenger Escape Plan and give Nevermore their time. Otherwise I dont mind most of the gigantour lineup. I actually like the diversity in the lineup except for the two I mentioned.
Didn't they headline on the DHIADW tour- with Opeth and God Forbid opening? I swear that was the lineup when I saw them in Milwaukee.

That was my first taste of Opeth and have been a fan since. That was the Blackwater Park tour or at least the first leg before they grew in popularity and then came back as a headliner later that year.
Gigantour is great exposure for Nevermore.

They'll probably do a headlining tour after this. Come to Kansas plz, The Bottleneck misses you guys. :(
It wouldn't suprise me if they had like a co-headline thing with Arch Enemy...since in the eyes of the mainstream american audience they are alike because of the solos and what-not. Whether it is 5 songs or not I am seeing them Monday and I am looking forward to it. I would like to see a full set though...5 song is ridiculous
*prays Nevermore tours with Opeth*

That would make my little heart esplode :)
Wolftribe said:
3 hours... only nevermore.... like dream theater did. I suggested this a while back

Yeah, that should have been the case for the DHIADW tour. Why didn't that happen? :hotjump:

Last time I went to a Nevermore gig they were still openers. Dimmu @ HOB I believe.
Let me recall all the shows i've seen of Nevermore.

opening for Death
opening for Iced Earth
opening for In Flames
opening for Savatage
headlining with Opeth, angeldust, and god forbid opening
opening for Dimmu

Definitely time for another headlining show
are you guys nuts? arch enemy are fun live and even if you dont like their new album they still play TONS of stuff from wages of sin and pre-wages. especially as headliners. hell last time i saw them they played Eureka. They also play Dark Insanity and the ever brutal Bury me an Angel. Give me a Nevermore/Arch Enemy headline anyday and I'm there.