Where is everybody?

This Music nerver die. We still live, and i one of the biggest fan (I think..) but i never seen Carcass live. I´ll never forgive me. I play a bit guitar and i´m dreaming of bringing the Swansong on stage (only one time and only in amateur style) What do you think would Carcass think about this. Does anyone do this before?? Sorry for my bad english, it´s a shame.
I agree Carcass legacy will never die, but like you I never got to see them live because i was about 8 when Swansong was released.
Poor me; I've eaten my guts and there's nearly nothing left of my body after I've been buried. The other world isn't so interesting that I've thought it would be (There is no Carcassian fans in the girls dressroom:they r all fans of weird stuffs) so I've decided to come back as a zombie.
Where the fuck are u Carcassians?
WE're still here, ive barely posted here before, would be cool if this would get up and running again though