Who is going to ETs tonight?

TRrEiTxIxRiE DTrash

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Apr 14, 2001
Dungeon were brilliant! Probably the best I've seen them, along with the Screaming Symphony Metalfest, which scored lots of points with me thanks to the brilliant finale with 8 singers and Dungeon trading lines on Wasted Years hehe.

2 Maiden covers and a Maiden jam in the middle... WOO!!! And a riff from Slave Of Love! Hahaha!

No Way Out, Wake Up and Fight were also brilliant... and Tim the new material is sounding really good too!! Good to finally meet you too :)

Other bands: Kymera impressed me much more this time than at Vanishing Point's farewell gig... they played very well. Eyefear were BORING!!!! Power metal is supposed to have a bit of power! And Sanity's Cage weren't bad either... and I enjoyed the Kiss cover heh :)

Also it was great to catch up with Jason, Rob and James again... and to finally meet Dave and Tim.

Oh Tim I have a question... when I was talking to you in the pool table room... there was a guy talking with us all who had long hair and a leather jacket, standing next to Jason... who was he? I think he was in one of the bands... but when he came over he said to me "Hey dude! I didn't know you were here!" and I was thinking "Um, who are you?" Hahahaha!

There were a few people there who came up and said "Hey Trent!" and I didn't know them hahaha.


Apr 15, 2001
Everybody knows thay you are the king of Melbourne metal Trent :)

Hey Phloggy why didn't u come along ?

Timmah - mate you guys rocked, I loved the middle impromptu Maiden bit.. bit of the old Mariner in you hey ? You're new stuff sounds great, that's a must get cd in my book.

Cheers all - we should do it all again soon!

Lord Tim

That guy from LORD
Apr 13, 2001
Wollongong, Australia
Great night and great catching up with everyone!


Stupid tech problems, though, hey? My fav. bit in the entire show was the intro to Where Madness Hides... Or was it Insanity's Fall?! HAHAHAHA! "Hang on, that's not the song at all! I fucked up!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I swear, we really were half-way out the back door when we were called back to do Prowler! That seriously wasn't planned at all! Still, it went OK and everyone seemed to enjoy it so we're not complaining! :)

Trent: Hmmm... I can't remember who that was! There was so much stuff going on all night - any time we play, it's always such a whirlwind of "Dude! How's it goin'?!" and "Shit, we're on in a minute, gotta get ready!" so it gets all kind of vague!

TRrEiTxIxRiE DTrash

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Apr 14, 2001
Prowler went ok? It went more than ok!! Everyone was singing to every word!!

Well I know I was, and so were all the other guys up the front with me hehe.


Pillock of society
Apr 16, 2001
Great to see you all last Friday.....to see Trooper and TinMan666 and meet Timmah, Los4words and PIV. Shit I hope there wasn't anyone else I forgot! And PIV, I owe you a drink!

Bloody good night, even if the only band I really saw was Dungeon because I was talking through the others......hehe fine performance though. Went home at dang 4am.

Cheers cobbers!