Who is IMG's most prolific recording artist?


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Apr 16, 2001
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Did you ever wonder which one of us has the most completed tracks under thier belt? Did you ever sit in bed at night thinking 'Damn, I must have done at least a dozen songs for the IMG - I rule!'?

..well...neither did I.

But thanks to my spreadsheet, such statistics are available, and I found it at least semi-interesting (worth 1 minute of my time) so I am presenting my findings to you here.

First, a few ground rules on how these numbers were derived - lest you feel robbed or offended or something...

1. Only completed tracks were counted - karaoke or vocal version count as completed. This was to prevent instrument players suffering in count when a vocal track was never done (Crazy Train for example).

2. Instrument players only got credit for 1 version of a particular song. In other words, if you were the bass player for PowerSlave, you only got 1 credit, even though 3 versions are available (karaoke, vox with 7th, vox with Jim).

3. Along the same line - singers only get the 1 credit for their version.

4. If you played multiple instruments on a track, you got two credits (e.g. Ploughman gets 2 credits for synth and drum on Alexander). This only affected myself, Hyde and Ploughman.

5. ...and this one hurt me and Medsy more than anybody - guitar players who do all the guitar tracks for a particular song only gets 1 credit. Reason for this was guitarists on average submit more than 1 track for a song anyway, rhythm, solo, etc.

SO..with all that in mind...Drumroll please....here is the master list. There were a total of 35 completed songs you could have been a part of:

MaidenMan 23
7th Son 21
Constantine 18
Jim 15
Rabies 13
Medsy 12
Ironcross 11
Eddie's Cellmate 10
Ploughman 10
Adde 8
Mr. Hyde 5
Virus 4
Gambler 3
Cooperman 2
Nefilim 2
Pyuras 2
Amon 1
Eddy 1
Mikko 1
Quantum Rocker 1
Sapper 1
EC's Drum Machine 1

....gratz to Maidenman..I knew he would win before I even started. I thought Constantine would be 2nd..I was surprised when 7th beat him.

Hope this was a nice entertaining break in your day! :D
The list is quite impressive. But I thought I have done 2 guitar tracks. For Whom The Bell Tolls & Enter Sandman

Or doesn't Sandman count because the solo isn't finished?
Originally posted by Amon

Or doesn't Sandman count because the solo isn't finished?

Exactly Amon. Sorry mate. We have about a 6-10 songs that don't count because they are not quite finished...that one happens to be one of them. I think sandman is missing more than just the solo - there is another rhythm track that needs to be recorded too!

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