Will you go see Kiss next year?

Will you go see Kiss next year?

  • I don't like Kiss so I wouldn't go anyway.

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • I like Kiss, but enuff is enuff. I won't be going.

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Yep... I can't miss a Kiss show.

    Votes: 5 55.6%

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TRrEiTxIxRiE DTrash

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Apr 14, 2001
Well the Kiss and Aerosmith tour will be coming to Australia next year... I'm just curious to see who will go.

I have no doubt it will be a disappointment (although I still think they'll blow Aerosmith off the stage, but compared to previous Kiss tours it will be a disappointment). I wish they would do something NEW and not be so predictable with their live shows now.

But that said, there's no doubt I'll have tickets in my hand the day they go on sale... ahhh the consequences of being a Kiss fanatic haha! Oh well, at least that'll mean I've seen 5 Kiss concerts (or more if they do multiple shows, coz yes.. I'll be buying tickets to every night in Melbourne.. )
There's no option for me :(

Although this, I'd seriously consider going. Aerosmith do a great show as well. (Well, they did last time I saw 'em.) I'm kinda interested in seeing KISS as well, just to see what all the hoopla is actually about live.
I dont know if id be willing to pay the ticket price though, im sure it will be around $200...
I've seen KISS live three times now so there's no real need. If they were touring on their own with a different set list I'd go, but as it is they'll just be doing the same old stuff (and less of it because they have to make room for Aerosmith).

Speak of the devil, Steve, Joe and the boys haven't written a decent song since Pump, so I wouldn't cross a road to see them live these days.

The tours I'm looking forward to next year are Priest (maybe) and Maiden (no chance).

Actually, I would be interested in going to this show if it was affordable (yeah right), as I would like to have seen KISS at least once, and Aerosmith would be a nice bonus, but yeah, I don't think I would be able to afford it.

I am really hoping Priest tour next year as well. I was VERY pissed I missed them last time, but to see them with Halford would more than make up for it.
i'm sure i will end up going.the last time Aerosmith played,everyone said it was a grreat show but i didn't really enjoy it much.hopefully they will sound better this time
From the reviews I've read its been really competitive. Aerosmith have been slagging KISS on stage about their over the top show and really making a point that unlike Kiss, they don't need all the frills lol. I think they've been playing mainly their old rockier songs, and with a really minimalist, club like show.

I heard Kiss' stageshow is toned down a fair bit too from the Farewell Tour but still pretty big.
By the way, even though its supposedly a "co-headlining" tour, Aerosmith have been playing last every night. It'd be really weird seeing an opening act with a stageshow that blows away the headliner lol.
Aerosmith would still pull a bigger crowd than Kiss in the States. But things would be very different in Australia I'd imagine.
Yeah I think you're right actually.

Aerosmith have a much broader appeal currently than Kiss who just have their own sort of community of fans.... but yeah in Australia KISS would have to headline... Australia is like the Kiss capital of the world I think!
The worlds first black metal band cannot quit until everyone realises their influence!
Gah, I wrote a big reply to this saying how if Aerosmith just performed all of "Pump" a couple of times it'd rule cos I don't know much of their other stuff, and how Kiss would headline in Australia, and assorted nonsense like that.

I'll be going anyway.
DravenMist said:
Didn't Kiss do a farewell tour like 2 years ago? Can't give it up can they? Rakin in the cash!
Yeah.... They did a Farewell Tour in 2000/2001 but never got to finish it coz Ace quit the band half way through it. Then after they did the Symphony show for the DVD they decided to start touring again *Sigh* And with Aerosmith for some reason...
I dunno. As much as it annoys me that they wont just go away and die somewhere, I really fucking loved thier show when I saw them a couple of years ago.

So that said...I guess if I can afford it, I will probably go :)