Worst Band Ever ... ?


Morphine Child
May 30, 2010
Beirut, Lebanon
I tried listening to Farmakon. A sad excuse of a band.

It's like, they take the crappiest parts of Opeth's music, and somehow they manage to make it even crappier.

How come a low-tier band like this has its own forum on UltimateMetal.com ?

Congratulations! As a result of this thread, your epenis has grown a full 2 centimetres! Keep it up!
You're the one attacking users personally. What you posted applies to you before anyone else.

I' am expressing my opinion about a band whose music I find terrible, and asking how come they have a subforum of their own while -for example- Iron Maiden doesn't.

Keep your immature comments and "epenises" for yourself.
A valid question my good chap. One gets a forum by paying an annual fee, so there's nothing much to it. We started here during our Elitist Records years, and the head of the (now finished) label has been kind enough to keep the forum going, even though our glory days are long gone :)
Very well, I apologise for the personal attack.

What I had a problem with was you prefacing your question by insulting the band and their music. It would have been very simple to say "How come an unknown band like Farmakon has a forum here when massive bands like Iron Maiden don't?" and leave it at that. Include that you don't like their music if you must. But calling them the worst band ever, crappy, a sad excuse etc. on their own forum is just a twatty way to go about it made all the more attractive by the anonymity of the internet, unless of course you're the kind of person who would walk into a free exhibition at a public art gallery, find the artist, tell him he's the worst painter ever and then ask him how come he got to be exhibited in the first place. Surely, your question has more to do with the fame (or lack thereof) of the band. "Why does an unknown band have a forum?" isn't a bad question; "Why does a band whose music I personally hate have a forum?", with the added suggestion that your opinion is the only one which matters, is ridiculous.
A Syan blog video would bring a flood of at least four posts, and only half of them would be mine.
There's nothing much to blog about. I've been writing lyrics for 6 monts or so. One lyric is ready, two to go! We played together last september, and all four of us have been in the same location once since that. That was Riku's 30th birthday party, in which we didn't play Farmakon at all, just got wasted. Hot stuff baby.