wrestling fans (and non-wrestling fans)

Do u know why it was axed ?

cause WWE upped to price of the viewing rights and FOX 8 thought it was too much and don't wanna pay it

Blame WWE for being money hungry son of a bitches !!!
Blitzy, it's not in FOX8's interest to keep the show, it's in WWE's interests to let Smackdown! be shown without resorting to extortion. WWE's asking price is 400% more than what Foxtel were already paying, and there's no way Foxtel should pay that. From what I've heard there are no other parties in Australia that are interested in Smackdown! at the moment, including free-to-air channels, so I think that once WWE realise what they've done they'll be willing to renegotiate.

Wrestling isn't popular enough at the moment for WWE to start throwing their weight around like they're doing right now.
I see what your saying Spiffy, and yes, it is WWEs fault for being money hungry, but wrestling is much bigger in Australia than people realise. It is just so underground because the Aussie mainstream hasn't excepted it. I agree that they will probably reconsider or negotiate eventually though, but until then, no Smackdown! for us. :cry:
Is that true, that other networks have shown interest?? Having it on a sports channel (as Southy said) would be great IMO. I dunno how well it would work on free-to-air though...

Constantine: cheers mate. :)
Well, Raw's on a sports channel, so it would be logical for it to move to Fox Sports if Foxtel did pick it up again.

I don't know anything for sure, I'm just going by rumour and heresay, but as far as I know nobody is willing to pay those huge prices. Oh, and expect the same thing to happen when the contract for Raw comes up for renewal - next year, I think.

Ratings in the US are the lowest they've been for a few years, and you don't see people walking around with Stone Cold, NWO or Goldberg shirts as much anymore - wrestling is cyclical, and it'll be a while before it becomes popular again. There'll be a new Stone Cold or a new Rock one day, and everyone will jump on the bandwagon again, while us real fans continue to watch the show.