Wrestling fans?

Bret Hart is the greatest wrestler ever !
He actually has more then 3 moves ;)

I don't think he will be wrestling though. I think he was concussed in his last match and still hasn't been cleared by a doctor to wrestle.
But if he is going to walk to the ring and goive out a pair of the cheap sunnies to someone in the crowd I might have to go along :p

How much are the tickets TimMan ?
I'm not sure. I bought mine when it was supposed to be the "superstars of wrestling 2", featuring Curt Hennig vs the Ultimate Warrior.

Then that got postponed twice, and so now this is the replacement event.

My tickets were 99.45, which is damn good considering it's 3 rows from the ring. I think it was 350 or 400 or something for seats like that at WCW Nitro last year.

I'm well chuffed.
I'll be at the Perth one for sure!!
It's a better line up than the Superstars one in my opinion- the Perth WCW show got cancelled as well,so I still haven't been to live event yet.Watched Smackdown live in the WWF New York restaurant though:)
Hehe wrestling. :D
I quote Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club:

`Maybe I'll run out and go join the wrestling team. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and some tights!'

Hehe no offence to all you wrestling fans...I was just watching that movie yesterday and it reminded of that :D I never got wrestling though. Why does everyone like it? I tried to watch it. I tried to like it! Honest! It's pretty funny though :D
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hmmm - you watched the breakfast club and you think you can give US cheek for liking wrestling!?!? :lol:

Hey! The Breakfast Club is an awesome movie :D
Someone back me up here :)

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