1. Cronopio

    GNMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 2000

    Apparently there was no thread for top ten non-metal albums released in 2000. So here it is. 01. Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy Favorite song: "Wooden Nickels" 02. Return - The Best Of... Favorite song: "Tell Me" 03. Antony and the Johnsons - Antony and the Johnsons Favorite song: "Rapture"...
  2. CiG

    GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 2000 (v2)

    Since the combined autism of me and TechBarb got the original thread locked forever back in 2017, I figured I'd create a new one. There's no obligation to redo this poll, it's mostly just for us lifeless retards who are redoing these polls to have a proper spot to put this year's lists. BUT...
  3. CiG

    GMD Social Poll: Top Ten Films of 2000

    RYM film chart Deadline is WHENEVER THE FUCK. If you need an extension just say so and it will absolutely be considered. This is usually just a soft deadline to make sure everybody doesn't become complacent. REMEMBER for those of you who haven't seen many films from this year or in general...
  4. H

    Can someone help identify this song/band?

    Got this song off a cd my brother made years and years ago, and was wondering if anyone knows this band? He said it's probably from 2000-2001 but he forgot who made it and the title. Shazam doesn't work and the quality isn't great. heres a link: unknown rock song (mediafire.com)