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  1. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 2/3: LePou

    Hi guys, here is the second article I've done about free guitar amp sims. In this one we compare 5 free LePou/Poulin plugins. Enjoy!
  2. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 1/3

    Hello guys, I have made 3 videos comparing the 11 best guitar amp sims that can be found online today. Here is the first comparison: the 3 ignite amps plugins, the other two articles will be published in the next few days...
  3. M

    Can digitally modelled amps replace analogue amplifiers? (listening test)

    Hey Guys! I'm conducting a study on the topic of digitally modelled amps. It's based on my own hypothesis that digital amp modelling can replace all types analogue amplification (tube amps in particular) for common guitar practices which include practicing at home, live performances and studio...